Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy belated Antonio

You all know how much I love my cousin Antonio... I talk about him a lot on this blog. I love him and I'm proud that he's serving over in Iraq. That's why I wanted to make sure that I wished him a happy birthday in person (or as close to person as possible) and not just some cheap mention on the blog (I save that for my parents and siblings). I never forget his birthday. I came up with this neat trick to remember where you just flip the day and month from my birthday... I was born April 10th, ie 04/10 and he was born October 4th, ie 10/4. Easy to remember.

So it isn't that I forgot... I just wanted to talk to him real time and despite all my many efforts to get through yesterday, I wasn't able to reach him until today. And boy am I glad that I did!!! He had a lot of emotional baggage to unload and that's hard to do in the Army. If you cry or express raw feelings of jealousy, the "guys" will think you weak. So I was glad to be there for my cousin... to be his shoulder today as he told me of the injustices he suffers as a result of being the subordinate Pazos in Iraq.

I asked Antonio to give me an analogy of what his assignment was like compared with Rafa's. To help me understand, he used the twin centuries analogy... if his assignment was like the last ten miles on the second day on one of those years when you haven't trained since the previous twin centuries... you know, when your muscles have gone past cramps into full meltdown and when your ass hurts so much that you don't even notice when you rip a new blister open on one of your butt cheeks... well, if that is Antonio's assignment, then he said that Rafa's was like the beer and dominos the night before the first day's ride.

Anyway, he was pretty choked up, but I think I helped him get to a better place and I hope that he felt the love! Hang in there Antonio... life can be very unfair, but that's life. I'll write to Rafa and see if I can convince him to be a little bit more sensitive going forward.

Happy birthday Antonio- I love you!!!!

Titi and Radar

PS - Just a few Radar pictures from after work today to comply with the blog's compulsory Radar photo quota for the week. I would have titled them, but I think they're better off speaking for themselves.


Lali said...

Those are some of the most precious pictures I have ever seen of Radar. I love him so much. Guess he got over the bloody nose. Big kisses from Tia Lali.

The Science Pundit said...

Radar mooned Antonio for his birthday? He's certainly a true Pazos!