Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Preparing for Halloween

Tio Dardo left a comment on yesterday's post which posed a couple of questions.

First, how does the "first steps" guessing work? Is it simply the closest guess, before or after, that wins or does it have to be exact? Well, we're pretty strict here at Radar Love, but I think we'll do "closest wins." So, even though Jenna's guess of 10 months and 3 days has now passed, she could still win or tie if Radar walks on or before the halfway point between her guess and Tio Dardo's guess of 10 months and 17 days. It's a pretty complicated algorithm, so my plan is to simply hand it over to Tia Lali once Radar does take his first steps and she'll do the calculations and declare the winner. Satisfied Dardo?

The second question was to inquire as to what Radar's first Halloween costume will be. The answer... I don't know. I had gotten him a bee outfit when in Philadelphia, but I forgot to bring it back with us. And as for Dardo's suggestion of a lobster baby (he linked to this picture)...

All I can say to that is... it's been done... this is Fanny last year.

And don't go suggesting an alligator either.

That is soooooo 2007!

So, right now it looks like Radar will either just wear his Superman (or Batman) pajamas, or I'll have to come up with something home-made. Any suggestions?

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Marco said...

So what, Radar's not good enough for Fanny's hand-me-downs? Since Fanny's been the gator and lobster why not make her the Batpug and Radar some kind of merfolk warrior prince wearing lobster armor.

PS. Thanks for the Bee costume, X just loves wearing it and admiring himself on the TV.

Lali said...

I say that you match the pug and baby. What is the pug this year? Get the same costume for Radar! Think of the picture opportunities!!!! Think about it!

I would be honored to declare a winner.. I am thinking of the algorithm now... Am I allowed to cheat and declare myself the winner now?

So much love!

Marco said...

Oooh matching bat vigilante merfolk warrior royalty wearing lobster armor: what a great Idea! Edu: you better start sucking up to Lali now if you want to be a variable this super complex algorithm in the works!

Radar's Mom said...

Ok, so there's just a minor hiccup in the whole "matching bat vigilante merfolk warrior royalty lobster armor" plan... that's that Fanny is scheduled to be a banana this year. But I have no doubt Marco, that you can work with this and find me a way back to the merfolk via the banana!

Lali, I know that you're totally objective and would never cheat, so I have no worries there. However, Dardo, you still might want to consider Marco's advice to suck up to Lali... just saying.

Frank said...

I'm concerned about this costume wearing stuff. If fanny is going to be a banana. Then Radar has to be a monkey. Then Radar can walk his banana to all the houses.

Unless batman, merfolk, prince, lobster, banana armor is in style this year.

let us know.


Marco said...

Pineapples also go with bananas. Or yogurt. Monkeys tend to be cutest. Also they don't have to match exactly. Maybe Radar could be a seamonkey warrior prince in lobster armor? You've got a week; good luck!