Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Did anybody miss the little frog over the last couple of days?

I really had hoped that the next post would be the big one!

But alas, the little party pooper will not do for the video what he has done for his mommy off camera. So you'll just have to wait another day or two and settle for a few still shots in the meantime.

"Walk for the camera? I think not mommy!"

"Genuflect? Sure... I can do that."

"A ballet toe point? Ok!"

"Ha YAH! Karate!"

"Reach for the sky... or the cookie... whatever!"

He'll do all that... but ask him to take steps for the camera... Geez!!!

Well, I guess you get the point that Radar did indeed take his first unassisted steps!!! He did it on Sunday, so technically Vivi was closest with her guess of 10 months and 3 weeks. But Maria, who guessed 10 months and 4 weeks, is arguing that it shouldn't count unless caught on video camera (she seems to think there's a $500 reward for the winner.) Hopefully I'll get it on video in the next couple of days and then I'll let Lali decide! That's enough for tonight.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - For those of you who live in slightly colder climates, I thought I'd just share a quick shot that I snapped on the way home from work today - this is my drive home. It's been a bit breezy and overcast with temperatures in the lower 80's... I LOVE this time of year!!!

PSS - Any thoughts on the new header / background? I'll be toying with a few over the next couple of weeks, so let me know your thoughts.


The Floyd Family said...

YEAH Radar!! There's no resting for mommy now:)

Jenna said...

Congrats Radar what a big boy you are!!!I love the ballet pose by the way!!!!

Lali said...

How exciting!!! Can't wait to see the video. What a big boy! I LOVE the cookie pict, both Radar and Fanny reallllllly wanted that cookie. Big kisses!

PS. I don't what it is, but I am not a huge fan of the background... Maybe it will grow on me.

Loads of love,

Lali said...

About the background... Don't get me wrong, Radar and the pug are fantastic.. Super perfectly fantastic... but the background doesn't do much for me.. And the froggy graphic is cute but the froggy butt is weird... hmmm.. again, it might grow on me.

Maybe it should be more autumnish... even though it is warm in Nassau...
Big kisses!

Lali said...

Do you hate me?

Radar's Mom said...

Yes Lali. I hate you! I have loved you more than all the clouds in the sky until now, but you went too far. You made fun of the frog's butt. That was uncalled for. I hate you now. So sad!

The Science Pundit said...

That frog has a cute but.

Tia Sara said...

What do you mean you will play around with it..... You have been playing with it for the last couple of days. I would log in and it would look different, but no.... it still had the same post! You were toying with me....
Anyway, I'm with Maria. If you don't have it on video maybe I have a shot!