Monday, November 16, 2009


Usually when I think of eleven, my mind goes right to this clip...

But today,
eleven is sending my mind
in another direction.

You see,
most babies are rated on a scale
that goes to ten.

And once the baby reaches
a Perfect 10,
where can he go from there?

Nowhere! Exactly!

But my baby
is on a scale that goes to

So he's one better, isn't he?

So today, my mind is on my Perfect 11!

Happy 11 months funny boy!
The count down to one year
is now officially ON!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...


felicidades, en tus 11 meses..ya Celebraremos tu primer anito,,

te vez muy lindo, un saludo de Abuelito,avo,

cute,,you are,,
angela, Nana ,,,Avo,, Mime,,Barack

Tia Sara said...

Happy eleventh monthday Radar! This means you must start walking so that your Tia Sara can win the First Steps Pool. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Besos

Little M and Baby G said...

adorable as always! Totally an 11!

Lali said...

He is so a perfect 11!!! I love him, he is beautiful!!