Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First scare - First scar

Ok, so maybe taking Radar to a sushi restaurant at 11 months of age is not one of my greatest ideas... but I wanted sushi and I had an invitation to sushi from my friend Barry and I didn't have a babysitter... so what's a hungry mommy to do?

This particular sushi restaurant isn't super kid friendly, seeing as though their high chairs are just that... regular chairs that are a little higher than our chairs. No straps... no restrainsts. So that didn't really work too well. We were lucky that we got a small room to ourselves so that Radar's crawling all over the place didn't bother anyone. Of course it required me getting up every 30 seconds to scoop him up before he made it to the other room where there were lots of people (which is presumably why Radar wanted to get to that other room so badly... that's where things were happening!)

And actually, things were going ok... at first. Radar was reading the menu and throwing it on the floor. And when the miso soup came, he ate all my tofu. Then I reached my spoon across the table and scooped out all of Barry's tofu. But Radar wanted more tofu! So he reached into my bowl and poured the remaining contents onto the table. Ooops.

But that was no big deal. Anyone with kids can understand that these things happen - and Barry has two kids, so he certainly understood. It wasn't really until the next episode that onlookers' eyes went from sympathy to "that" look... you know... the "you're not a very good mother and you should really keep your kid at home if you can't control him" look.

Radar was on the floor next to my chair, playing with my bag and napkin and "clunk".

"Oh dear," I thought. "That sounded a bit like he clunked his head on the metal leg rail of this damn high chair."

I scooped him up immediately and the blood curdling screaming began... and then the blood began... it poured from his mouth! I ran him to the bathroom and started washing it off, but it just kept coming and I couldn't see exactly where or how or how deeply he'd cut himself. Not good!

So with a blood covered baby, I walked back out to the table and apologized to Barry because I had to leave right then and get Radar to the emergency room in case he needed some stitches. (This, by the way, is a great way to get out of paying the bill :)~ )

Of course, the last thing on earth that I wanted to do was to go to a Bahamian emergency room, but that is precisely where we went. However, when we got there, my little bleeding soldier in the back of the car had stopped bleeding and unbelievably, he flashed me a blood drenched smile.

"Way to go Radar!" So home we went and since I hadn't taken my camera with me, home was the first place I had a chance to take some pictures of the by-product of our Tuesday night adventure!!!

Stinker feeling a bit pooped out from his mis-adventure at the sushi restaurant.

A close up... first split lip... first fat lip.

A half hour after getting home... Radar didn't want to go to sleep, so we read a book.

And trooper Radar emerged again!!!

Radar this morning. If I may say, that may be the cutest scar ever!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Is the freaking tree driving anyone else nuts?


Anonymous said...

I give you a FFFFFFFFF for not taking Radar to the Doctor to confirm that he didn't need a stitch.

Bamont Trust
Nassau, Bahamas

Tia Sara said...

Wow! He might develop 'Angelina Jolie' pouty lips from this. People pay plastic surgeons big bucks for this, you know. Besos

Jenna said...

Porr bay, whata trooper!!!I think it is always worst for the mommy! Yes the tree was driving me nuts when I was trying to read, i got to the lats paragraph and was excited it was lower than the branches

Radar's Mom said...

Tia Sara... I also posted a picture of Radar's beat up lip on facebook and have gotten all sorts of feedback, mostly reassuring me that I'm not a bad mother and that these things happen. Somehow, though, I find your Angelina Jolie comment most comforting! I keep looking at that third picture and thinking, yeah, the girls are gonna go mad over those lips!!!!

Lori said...

You'll have lots of these little mishaps as he grows and becomes more adventurous. It has nothing to do with being a bad mommy - it's all part of being a boy!!! (Of course if you're a girl and your brother pushes you into, say, a wood stove, you might end up in the hospital needing stitches a well).

pAZOS .R. said...