Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monsters and Skeletons are very scary!!!

The Angry Feminist is still ahead by a nose, while the Nazi in the bushes has taken a huge lead over the other warriors! There's still time to vote and now we throw some monsters and skeletons into the mix with our "Scariest of All" category with our contestants:

Pepe as... the Werewolf in plaid

Nolan as... a bunch of scary bones

and Luca as... another scary bunch of bones

Vote early and vote often!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Since this is Radar's blog, I thought I'd throw in a quick Radar update. Still no first steps, but I'm really ok with that. He stands for long stretches and you can see him considering it - but once it happens, there's no going back and that wonderful pre-walking time with my baby will be gone forever. It'll happen too soon as it is, so I'm done trying to rush it. He'll walk soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy some standing time with my rock star!!!


Lali said...

Radar the rockstar!!! Everyone looks super super cute... I am confused, why am I not entered into any contests? I was wonder woman. That is realistic/warier like... There is even a picture of my costume.

Sending lots of love!