Friday, November 20, 2009

More mommy blog stuff b4 Thanksgiving

So I've told you before that I've become a bit of a mommy blog surfer and have even participated in a couple of fun mommy blog games.  Recently I found another game that seemed fun called 'letters of intent.'  Each Friday you can write a letter to a person, place or thing that has recently bugged you, or any other letter that you want to write, but can't really send.  

And since it's Friday and I don't really have much to report, I thought I'd go ahead and write that letter.  If anyone else needs to get something off their chest today, feel free to write your letter or comment as well!

Letters of Intent

Dear Thanksgiving Turkey,

Next week is Thanksgiving and we’ll be hearing lots about all the stuff we should be thankful for… and to be sure, I am thankful for so much. But I know that next week is not a week for you and many of your turkey friends to be thankful! So before all the sappy thankfulness gets started, I thought I’d commiserate with you and let you know that there is a bunch of stuff that I’m not particularly thankful for these days.

To begin with, I am not thankful that my “pregnancy weight” excuse for all these extra pounds has all but expired. We are now 11+ months past Radar’s birth and I’m still pretty fat. I’m not thankful that it was not so easy to drop the weight and that if I’m ever going to lose it, I’m actually going to have to suffer a little bit.

I don’t feel particularly thankful that motherhood has turned me into someone who thinks that showering every other day (or sometimes even every third day) is plenty and that shaving is more of a “monthly” thing, rather than a daily or bi-weekly thing to do.

Speaking of monthly, I am definitely not thankful that those glorious 17 months without my monthly visitor are now history and that PMS has returned to my life and seems to be hell bent on making up for lost time.

Also, I’m not thankful that Radar had his first real boo boo this week and even more not thankful that the overwhelming majority of feedback I got was that this was just the first of many to come!

I am not thankful that my milk is really drying up and that my days of breastfeeding are quickly coming to a close. I don’t feel thankful that Radar almost never feeds directly because he can’t seem to get over how funny it is to bite mommy and I can’t give thanks that it takes me 20 minutes of pumping to get a mere 1 or 2 ozs from both boobs together!

And lastly, although I love our home here in Nassau, I can’t say that I’m thankful that we don’t have more family nearby. I’m not thankful that Radar has grandparents and lots of aunts and uncles and little cousins that he can only get to know by being dragged through airports for visits that are always too short!

So that’s it for today Thanksgiving Turkey. Don’t worry about writing back – I know that turkeys can’t write and I’m pretty sure I know what’s at the top of your list of things to be not thankful for!



Kmama said...

Stopping by from Foursons.

First, your son is too cute!! I love his eyes!

Second, I agree with all the other stuff you said. I, fortunately, lost almost all my baby weight after having #2 only to slowly start gaining it back. Noooo!! Why can't losing weight be painless??

Foursons said...

First, I am sooo glad you linked up. Yes I'm dealing with a lot of crap (for lack of a better word) right now, but never let that stop you from entering a letter on my Letters of Intent!

I love the twist you gave on your letter and that you are writing the turkey who won't have much to be thankful for next week. Awesome!

I have to say though- my youngest is 5 years old and I'm still holding onto pregnancy weight. You were totally off the mark in thinking that 11 months means it's not pregnancy weight anymore. Girl, you've got years to go!

Radar's cheeks are so cute and make me want to squeeze them through my computer screen! I hope he got over his first owie and that there are no "big" owies in his future.

Again, thanks so much for linking up. Please don't ever think a light-hearted post isn't welcome around here. They always are and I definitely need the free laughs right now!

Uncle Stefan said...

hold not all women do go back to Perfect10 after 10 months off having the baby??? Some perhaps even not after 10 years??? Hmmm...Something to take into consideration....and BTW, Christena, since it seems you don't need your razor blades anymore, just put any (new ones!) on the kitchen counter and I pick them up the next time I stop by...

Frank said...

You go Stefan! Mock that PMSing dieting woman with an overabundance of razors.

Lali said...

Ok, can I say that I have no baby in the past, present or fore-seeable future and I have several extra pounds and don't shower daily and most definitely don't shave on any regular basis!

Sure you have all those things, but you have a cuddly monkey to kiss. (Even though I am going to take him away 2 weeks from now.)

But I think I know what research group I am going to join... It only took 15 wiskey sours and several slushed conversations to figure out!!!