Sunday, November 22, 2009

My toy broke!!!!

Before Radar was born, I decided that I would buy myself a new toy... I searched consumer and expert recommendations and found the Canon EOS Rebel XSi camera. She wasn't too cheap, but oh how she'd been worth every penny! By January 22nd, I had already taken 1,000 pictures. Do you remember these? Say hi again to #997, #999 and #1002.

Since we're traveling again in a couple of weeks, I took out our passports a couple of days ago. Obviously I couldn't resist snapping #8504, #8513 and #8519.

Never did I imagine that on November 22nd (oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Tio Pepe), on the 10 month anniversary of picture 1,000, and before she even reached 8,600, the world would go black for my Rebel! And my world wasn't far behind... what would I do without my camera? How will I make it through a day without obsessively snapping pictures of my Radar?

But I'm a big girl and I know that broken toys can be fixed. So when I'm in Florida at the beginning of next month, I will take her to a camera hospital and have a camera doctor patch her up! And I've got an old, far inferior camera that I can use in the meantime. See how reasonable* I am!!!

So not to worry - I'll keep posting pictures of Radar, although they may not be quite as pretty.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Anyone notice that there is an itsy bitsy difference between the baby who's holding his passport in January vs. the baby holding the same passport in November?

*The management of Radar Love can not be held liable for the misuse of the word "reasonable" as the word is subjective and under certain circumstances the owner's actions of this morning, namely her signing onto and purchasing a newer, upgraded and more expensive model in the Canon EOS camera line, could be construed as reasonable.


Lali said...

You have taken approximately 25 picture a day of Radar... I am impressed. So since you were reasonable and bought a new fancier camera, what is the plan with your old broken one? Still fixing it so you can have backup?

So much love!

The Science Pundit said...


Are you a mathematician? ;-)

I did notice a small difference.

Tia Sara said...

I love the new picture on the header! Which camera was it taken with? Can't wait to see you guys... Besos

Radar's Mom said...

I hadn't checked Lali's math because I know that Lali is never wrong. So I'm not sure what the Science Pundit is yammering on about. If I take about 8500 pictures over about 330 days, that is about 25 pictures a day. You got a problem with that Science Pundit?

Tia - that picture was taken a few days ago with my Canon. Unfortunately we'll have to rely on all the less fancy cameras for our upcoming trip and tremendous birthday fiesta. Oh well! We are so excited to see everyone and to meet Luca for the first time!!! Yeah!!!

Cousin Laurie said...

You have the same Resonable philosophy I do. My vacuum died a week ago and since my "handyman" (notice the quotation marks...) hadn't gotten around to getting the replacement part, I visited Amazon and ordered a new one (on sale...) that is due the day before Thanksgiving. So I do understand your ahem...impatience? And pictures of your little man is much more important too!