Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pug Counselings

I want to congratulate all of our Halloween contest winners...

the Angry Feminist
the Nazi in the bushes
Nolan the Skeletor
the Piratess
the Janitor
the Frog

I would have posted something earlier, but I've spent the last two days consoling and counseling the pug since she is the ONLY contestant in the whole contest to not receive ONE single vote! She used to love eating bananas and now you can only imagine how this has seriously confused her image of the banana... mind you, she'll still eat bananas (or anything else for that matter), but with a new moroseness.

Ok, so that's not all entirely true (I lied to the pug and told her that she won). But I have been a bit out of touch for the last couple of days because this is a working weekend for me. Every year the small group of managers from the group that I work for get together somewhere to plan for next year's activities. So yesterday, I spent the whole day with this group...

And we diligently slaved over our computers all day...

See what a hard worker I am!!! Anyway, we're at it again today so I can't post much more right now. But later this week we'll try to start tackling the sticky topic of a new header!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar