Sunday, December 13, 2009


Ok, I know that this year can not be a template for years to come. Radar's birthday is going to be here in three days and I know he doesn't know it, so I've done nothing to get ready for it... no cake, no presents, no games, no friends. And other than trying to shoot a couple of pictures of Radar in his fancy Christmas tuxedo, I've done nothing to prepare for Christmas either... no tree, no lights, no music, no nuthin'!

I think that traveling and getting sick has taken some of the drive out of me, but really - shouldn't I be a little bit more into perparing for these big days? If this is a sign of things to come, then Radar better get over the whole birthday/Christmas combo problem... I mean, with a mother like me, he's obviously got much bigger problems!!!

Oh well... I've still got three days... maybe Fanny can help (although I kind of doubt it since her birthday was on December 8th and I totally blew her off as well!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw something you posted on another site about approaching 40 and buying 'a vial of biodad'.. haha, it made me laugh. anyway, just out of curiosity, are there are any awkward moments you experience with families, parents, grandparents, etc etc when you tell them you went to the sperm bank? Just curious -and I hope that doesn't sound insulting, it is not my intention.

Radar's Mom said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you'd like a longer answer, you'll have to identify yourself, but the short answer to your question is pretty much "not really"... it seems that my internal embarrassment meter broke some time ago. But I'm sure it's caused others some awkward moments.. you know, those people who's meters haven't broken.

No insult taken at all.

The Science Pundit said...

So Handsome!!!

Anonymous said...

I have pactus under my tree for Radar and you. Most practical, one not..... sorry. It added joy to my house. Radar would love it because I have a friend who is coming by our house in a firetruck, which is a little boys dream at least by next year. So next year I will make sure it happens again just for him. Love you both so much.
da fwiend

littleharves said...

i agree with the science pundit , he is a strapping young lad!! xxx anne and harvey

Tia Sara said...

I've been sick also, so I missed a couple of days and am just catching up.
For Anonymous.... everyone in the family that I know, were just so happy for Titi, and with Titi, that we did not care about the mechanics of the thing. But then most of our embarrasment meters have either broken also or are very elastic.