Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I think that "luck" doesn't really mean very much... it's an optimist's word. You often hear people talk about "being lucky" in reference to pretty ordinary things. "I'm just lucky to be alive," makes tons of sense if it's spoken right after a near death experience, but people more often use it as an optimist's ultimate generalization... (ie, everything in my life sucks, but at least I'm alive and therefore I am lucky!) By no means am I bashing optimists since I consider myself to be an optimist and I certainly consider myself lucky... lucky to have Radar... lucky to live in the Bahamas... lucky to have my crazy family and nutty friends... and yes, lucky to be alive!

But every now and then, "luck" really does seem to apply to specific events. And in my estimation, I had a big stoke of luck yesterday! Radar and I had our flight back to the Bahamas at 4:35pm yesterday. Since the botched terrorist attack on Christmas, the news has been all abuzz about extra security measures and longer lines. To be safe, mom and I agreed that Radar and I should be at the airport two hours before our flight (even though it's just a 35 minute flight, it is an international flight). That gave us an ETD from the house of 2:15pm.

But when 2pm rolled around, Radar conked out for a nap on top of his Grammy. There aren't too many things sweeter than a baby sleeping on his grandmother's chest. And who really wants to disturb such a scene just to get to the airport a little early? So, we waited a bit and let Radar get a full half hour nap. I had everything packed in the car and ready to go, so all I had to do was to grab Radar and strap him in the car while Grammy made a quick last minute trip to the bathroom - we made our move at 2:35... close enough to our original schedule.

Radar was a little groggy and I thought maybe he'd fall right back to sleep when I put him in the car seat. So I sat him down and instead of sleepy eyes, his eyes all of a sudden bugged out, he looked at me and barfed! And I'm not talking a little spit up... I'm talking projectile vomit all over himself and the car seat. I quickly grabbed him and another gusher landed on me. I turned to hold him facing away from me and another one landed on the car door! One more for the ground and back inside we went. Change of plans I announced to mom!!!

In a ten-ish minute window, we were somehow able to dig through the suitcases for two total clothes changes, bathe Radar, sort of clean up the car and car seat... and we were on our way to the airport again, in a very vomitty smelling car, by about 2:50pm.

So, why am I so lucky? Well, the way I figure it, this same incident could very easily have happened at the airport or on the plane. It could have very easily been so, so much worse for me! Radar certainly wasn't lucky because he felt crummy and he didn't really care where or when he puked up all of his food from the previous two days... but it made a world of difference to me!!! And since I had to rush off to the airport, I wasn't stuck cleaning up the puked up car or barf clothes... my mom got stuck with that, so she's not so lucky either! But me? Lady luck was shining down on me yesterday and that ain't just the optimist in me talking!!!

Are any of you out there as lucky as I am???!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Something we'll miss about Florida is that we won't be able to go for long "nap rides." Every day of our visit, we would head out somewhere in the morning and Radar would crash out almost immediately. Then we would find others things to do to let him nap... add a shopping stop or drive to the Target that's half an hour away so as not to have to wake up my sleeping monkey. More often then not, Grammy would hang out in the car with Radar while mommy went shopping.

This was a stop at the tile store, where Grammy had gone in to pick out tile for her bathroom. I jumped out of the car and snapped a picture of sleepy Radar through the back window.

By the second shot, he'd woken up.

And by the third he was smiling.

These were shot just seconds apart.
You just have to love this little boy!!!!


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Anonymous said...

".... I wasn't stuck cleaning up the puked up car or barf clothes... my mom got stuck with that..." and grandmother probably loves all that!!!!
Great story and welcome back....
BTW come down to Junkano New Years Morning to have your son get some real Bahamiam rhythm...and see Uncle Stefan with the Prodigals!!!!
Uncle Stefan

Viviana said...

Happy New Year dear Titi and Radar the best wishes for you!!!

Marco said...

Happy New Year!

Lori said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. Luck may not always be part of our path in life but I know our angels see that we are protected and loved until we are together again. Have a fantastic and BLESSED 2010. I perfer blessings over luck. Luck is a matter of chance and blessings are sent from Heaven. I count you as one of my blessings!
Love you lots,
p.s. My night was full of vomit as well. Bodey does not sleep through the night yet. When I got up to empty my bladder, which only holds a teaspoon of urnine at this point, he followed me to the bathroom. Bodey can feel me leave the bed and ususally wakes up during these many trips to the bathroom. Anyway, he began to gag while I was using the potty and I knew vomit was next. If Bodey cries it is very possible vomit will follow. He must have a really sensitive gag reflex. I guess I was LUCKY that I was able to jump off the potty and throw Bodey over the tub so that all the puke went in the tub instead of my bed where it usually ends up. Dean and I sleep on urnine and vomit sheets with towels covering it all up many a night! The next day Keegan came to me to let me know that the dumb cat had puked all over the tub. I informed Keegan this was his sweet baby brother's vomit and to just wash it down the drain. He said he didn't want Bodey barf all over his feet while showering. He asked where the bleach was and cleaned the entire tub. Again, LUCKY that I got a 15 year old to clean the tub! YEAH!

Marco said...

No offense Titi, but Lori's vomit story is better than both of your's put together, and that's with projectile vomit in your mom's car! Really great vomit story!