Sunday, December 13, 2009

Private thoughts

"'s 2:30pm... we have Omar's birthday party to go to... Fanny pooped this morning... she tends to get jealous when we leave her... but she'll be fine... I'll throw her a cookie before we go."

" cute... Radar is crawling into everything... he loves getting into things..."

"...back from the party... let's take Fanny for a walk... oh good, she's pooping... she's finally growing up... good girl..."

" cute... Radar really loves getting into things... this will make for a good post..."

"...catching up on the news... surfing the internet... gosh Radar is quiet... that can't be good..."

"...OH SHIT!"

"...strip baby... wash baby in sink... ... NO!!! Do not stop to take a picture of your baby covered in dog shit!!! OH GOD... I hope he didn't eat any!!! Gross... those are little finger marks running through the poop, aren't they!?"

"...poor Radar... it's between his toes and fingers... I guess it's like fun, clumpy, smelly finger paint to him... hmm... I don't think that clump started off on the toy... someone must have put it there..."

"... damn pug!"

"...note to self... don't forget that the things Radar likes to get into now include dog poop...

Lots of love and sorry if I grossed any of you out... I promise I was more grossed out than you!!!
Titi, Radar and a VERY BAD PUG!


Jenna said...

Im gagging with you! I hope he didnt eat any! I have learned when ever the child is quiet, something is going on!:)

Lali said...

HAHAHA... It was bound to happen sooner or later. Very gross but VERY funny. I appreciate that you didn't take time to snap picts of dog poop covered Radar. He is so so so so handsome!!! Sneaking into everything... And those Christmas shots are to die for.

As for ignoring bday and xmas combo.. This year... whatever, he won't remember, take a few cute picts and I think you are good.
In the next years, he will either not care and go with your flow or he will force you to do special stuff... whichever it is ... it isn't for a long long time.
Sending my love!

Lali said...

Wait, did Fanny poop 3 times today?

Mrs. Mother said...

I am not looking forward to Ella discovering any of our Rosie (a Shih Tzu's) gifts to us, lol. Those pics are so funny.

Anonymous said...

I think its very responsible of you to report on this "other side" of mothering. A public service announcement of sorts. Its not just the sweet angel sighing moments, but the poop smearing horror stories too. It serves not only as a snooze button for biological alarm clocks but as an affirmation to others in the same lonely disgusting poop trenches across the world.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Fantango has always been holding back some poop for 'potential protesting purpose'. Now that she experienced how much 'Radar playing with her poop' freaked you out, she found a new best way to show her disapproving of being left alone.... Just wait the next time is coming soon! HAHAHA
BTW: After New Year I will take her again more often with me...
Uncle Stefan

Lali said...

HAHA, is Stefan cheering on the pug pooping power?!! :) Oh uncle Stefan!

littleharves said...

i think the pug is working with radar to boost up his immunity, he obviously didn't like seeing him sick and upset last week. very homeopathic fanny, you are very wise xxx anne and harvey

Anonymous said...

Anne has a good point regarding boosting immune system. What about a Poop Burger?
Uncle Stefan

ANGELA said...

sorry .

WAS ON 12/8/09