Tuesday, December 1, 2009

There's a little Martha Stewart inside...

And I don't mean that I got insider information and made a bunch of money and now have to spend a little time in a posh prison... I'm referring to the Martha Stewart that I NEVER watch or read or pay any attention to. The crafty one. Despite that, I spent Thanksgiving weekend discovering the little Martha in me!

See, Sunday we were attending our first Christmas event of the year... the "Secret Santa" party with all of Radar's little playdate buddies. And we were asked to dress our munchkins in their holiday attire. Problem is, the fancy Christmas suit that I bought for Radar is still at my Mom's house in Florida... what to do, what to do?

I went upstairs and dug through Radar's Christmas things from last year. Of course, last Christmas Radar was 9 days old, so those outfits didn't really fit anymore. So I turned to Christmas colors... I pulled out Radar's green and red outfits. Still, that didn't seem to really say Christmas.

And that's when little Martha emerged.

Using Radar's green onsie as the canvas, I cut out a heart from the cloth of one of Radar's Christmas outfits from last year and sewed it on the front with red thread.

I cut out a little bootie from that same outfit and sewed it on his tush (the best picture I got of the tush was of Radar sitting in the grass... ergo the grassy bootie).

Then I used the rest of the material and material from one of his red onsies that no longer fits to make a little scarf. I used a $1.99 Santa hat's brim to make fuzzy ends to the scarf and I pinned the rest of the hat to Radar's green beach hat. And finally, I topped off the outfit with some red & white socks.

Here's the result...

Well? How'd I do? In my own humble opinion, I think I had the very cutest Christmas Elf at the party!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I had written this post already when I went and checked out another blog that I frequent which hosts photography contests (usually with pictures with faces) called I heart faces. The theme this week is Tooshies and even though the quality of these photos ain't too great, I love the picture of Radar's little tooshie in his Christmas outfit. But to enter, you can only have one picture in your post, so I made that separate post.

PSS - The little Martha inside also made a Christmas tree with the egg salad sandwiches that she took to the party!


Jenna said...

I am very impressed!!What an amazing outfit!!!!!!!!!Well done!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Radar looks a little less thrilled an usual to have his picture taken...

Single Mom Seeking said...

Yes, the very cutest elf ever!! You're incredibly creative. Thanks for your comment on my blog and leading me here. Yeah!