Wednesday, December 16, 2009


December 16, 2008

December 16, 2009

And in between have been the most delicious 365 days of my life.

Happy Birthday my sweet, funny, darling son.

I love you more than all the chocolate in Switzerland!!!




The Science Pundit said...

Happy Birthday!

~Tio Javier

The Floyd Family said...

Happy Birthday Radar!! What a special day, turning 1. Soo exciting. Lots of love from Virginia:)

Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Radar! from all of us Down Under, hope you have the best day ever! Lots of love Lizzie, John, Emma, Paddy and Georgie xxxx

Lori said...

I have been looking forward to the face full of birthday cake but what a surprise to see Radar covered in pug poo! Don't feel like a bad mommy too fast, this very experience has happened to all 6 of my children in one way or another with all of the pets we have! I can tell you that all 6 are still here and in good health even after possibly consuming some pet poo, beach sand, dirt, bugs, rocks, dog food, cat food, their own poo and many other things I was probably never aware of. I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your handsome boy. I hope Radar received his ecard. I am working on the x-mas newsletter and will try to get one out to you but you know how long it takes me to complete my list of tasks.

I love you dearly,

Cousin Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

littleharves said...

happy happy happy birthday little radar, my goodness i can't believe that you are one, such a big boy now! may your life be one big chocolate face smear my little friend and may you continue to bring so much joy to your mother , much love and hugs , anne and harvey xxx

littleharves said...

also love love love the video, especially neil sadaka! and ofcourse the star of the show xxx

Little M and Baby G said...

Amazing video!
Happy Birthday Radar!!!

Marco said...

I agree, excellent video! Its fascinating to see Radar analyze the cake, first its firmness and smashability, next its texture between his little fingers, squeezing threshold, taste and texture in his mouth and smearability over his face. We might just have ourselves another scientist in the family.