Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Head Banger

What's with all this 20% crap!?!

As it turns out, my Radar is a head banger!

No, not this...

Well, kind of actually.
  • He will sit next to a wall and repeatedly bang his head (hard sometimes).
  • He'll sit in his high chair and repeatedly whack his head backwards onto the wooden seat

(ok, so it's really hard to capture hand banging with still shots... I'll have to video it sometime).
  • He'll lay face down on the floor with his arms poised like he's going to do a push-up and lift his head and whack it repeatedly on the floor.
  • He'll even, if you're not paying attention, thrust his head forward and head butt you (or nose butt you which I can testify is NOT a pleasant occurrence).
He's been doing it for some time, but it's getting worse. So I go to my buddy google and look it up. And there it is, plain as day, "head banging isn't as uncommon as you might think. About 20% of kids head bang!" There you have it... Radar in another 20% bucket. But I read further and it said that boys are three times more likely to head bang than girls. So, doing the math, that actually means that about 30% of boys head bang... that makes me feel a little better... only a little.

As for the rest of what I read, none of it caused me any alarm. It's just a way that some kids calm themselves or relieve frustration or deal with fatigue. That seems to fit with Radar's behavior. They say it peaks from 18 to 24 months and most bangers give it up altogether by 3 years.

So I guess I better get used to it (and get a catcher's mask) because it seems that my little head banger is just getting started!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Don't worry... the last picture above does not mean that Radar is sad. This next picture was taken about 1 minute after the serious one. He goes from contemplative to cracking up in a fraction of a second. He's so funny!!!


Little M and Baby G said...

Greyson is a headbanger too. When he's upset he bangs his head on the floor.
Not cool boys, not cool.

Anonymous said...

My mom still talks about how I used to bang my head against the floor when I was upset as a toddler. ha ha
Radar us way too cute. I love him.
da godmother

Lali said...

He is so beautiful... the head banging would freak me out! Are you going to cushion everything... including the walls?

Sending all my love!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

ISn;t that also type of Darwin's priciple, like headbanging in early ages prepares for tough situations in later live and increases survival. Although some individuals trying to get an advantage with wearing helmets, but in some environments wearing a helmets look a bit ridiculous
Uncle S

Cousin Laurie said...

My brother Mike supposidly did it for a while. Worried my mom to death until the doctor told her that it was normal and he would outgrow it. Alec my son did it, but not for long, maybe a month or two. Bothered me more than him. I guess their skulls were made to deal with it.