Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's cold, but not THAT cold

Just in case all you northern snowbirds think that you have some sort of monopoly on the cold stuff, let me set you straight.  This time of year is usually perfect here in Nassau - we pay with long hot, humid and hurricane ridden summers so that we can enjoy a few short months of ideal weather.  A typical January day will see a high temperature around 80F and a comfortable low in the high 60s.  Not so for this week... yesterday the temperature never got above 65 and last night the mercury dipped to the mid-50s... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

So, I'm telling you that it's cold here... but Radar seems to have confused that with "very cold".  See, last night he decided to go sledding and that's a sport reserved for the frigid, snowy winters that some of you are currently enjoying.  

It happened at about 7pm when I was in the living room and Maria had taken Radar upstairs to change him and play with him in the "safe" room.  I have a gate for the top of the stairs, but it's not a very good one and I don't trust it too much - I've been meaning to get a better one.  But no biggie because the safe room has it's own gate which is a secure one that Radar can't get through.  

Anyway, I was taking ornaments off of the tree and apparently Maria was letting Radar wonder a bit upstairs rather than keeping him in the safe room (I let him wander also, but never out of reach).  She had put the cheap gate up at the top of the stairs, but hadn't secured it very well.  

Then it happens...

I hear a crash followed by a scream from Maria... 

I drop what I'm doing and immediately run to the stairs...

Radar had pushed the gate down and is riding it down the stairs... 

Maria is coming down after him while I'm heading up toward him and I intercepted before he reached the bottom!!!

Needless to say there were three very freaked out humans in the house at that moment.  Radar was screaming, not because he was hurt - he didn't have a scratch on him, but because the sleigh ride was really unanticipated and scary.  Maria was freaked out because she'd screwed up big time and Radar could have gotten hurt.  I was obviously freaked out because I'm Radar's mommy and well... duh!!!

Anyway, Maria and I had a long talk last night and this morning about safety and how an already difficult kid is about to get 1,000 times more difficult.  Radar hasn't yet mastered the art of walking because it looks like he's planning to skip it altogether and go straight to running - and that's only a week or two away since he's already taking up to 8 running steps before lunging back down into his crawl-sprint.   It was a good wake up call for me too, to never take my eyes off of this monkey - not for a moment!  Life lessons are best when they come with no consequences...  this lesson, albeit a heart stopper, came with no blood, broken bones or even a scratch!!  And going back to my post from a few days ago, that really WAS lucky!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Oh... just so you know, I went online this morning to order new secure gates for the top  and bottom of the steps.  I also bought some kid harnesses and leashes.  I don't think I'll use them myself (I always disliked the idea of keeping a kid on a leash), but after last night I do want Maria to use them when she takes Radar outside once he's walking.  We've got cars and canals in this neighborhood... enough said.

PSS - Any of you who might notice today's date and that there is no mention in today's post about a certain somebody's birthday - that would be because that certain someone is ignoring me and has not earned his merit badge.   Perhaps he'll come around yet and earn a belated shout out... only time will tell... perhaps another 44 years... perhaps not.


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Laura S. said...

Poor Radar! Mars did the same thing at my sisters house. He was doing his stand up baby thing at the gate, shaking it - and it came loose. He went head over heels down the stairs. Bloody lip, scared to bits - he started puking. He's fine - but I tell ya, it scared the crap out of all of us. Now the gate is screwed into the wall and takes a genious to open it!