Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not just yet, my dear

"Mommy, I'm very tired. Can I go to sleep?"

"Not just yet, my dear. We have one thing left to do."

"Ok, and what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Do what mommy's doing."

"Like this mommy!?"

"Almost, my love."

"You mean like this?"

"That's it my sweet boy!"

"That was easy enough.
Any of you out there need me to teach you how?"

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here's a little contest for you... What is depicted in the following two pictures?

First to guess correctly wins "New York Palace" slippers (I steal them whenever I stay at the hotel, which is next Monday!)


Marco said...

I though I could identify hair and melted ice, maybe its someone's submerged arm... Did Mulligan attack your dad again?

Viviana said...

That Radar Bite!!! in a ruber can be helmet or bike protector or something like that.

Lali said...

:) Love Radar's minty fresh breath!!! Teeth marks on...

Frank said...

Radars Teeth Marks on Mommy's tooth brush.

Jenna said...

bite marks, on maybe a covering for a pipe-like a foam weather guard thing?
Radar is so smart, mastering teeth brushing so quickly!!