Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Silent night... probably not!

It's been a bit tough to post of late for the reasons mentioned in my previous post, namely sickness and separation anxiety. Well, #1 seems to be solved with a hearty return of appetite and no bed (or other) pukies for the past two days. #2 has also gotten marginally better because Radar isn't quite as clingy when he's feeling healthy... but only marginally. And Grammy has been visiting for the past couple of days and that's been a nice distraction for him as well. Lastly, Avo will be coming to visit for a week starting this coming weekend (my mom will be leaving tomorrow, so they won't be here at the same time and my dreams of my parents reuniting and falling madly in love again has been dashed yet again!!!)

You might say that things are looking up... that it looks like smooth sailing on the horizon. So why am I about to rock the boat... not just rock it, but possibly capsize the damn thing? Well, it's because I have to... because I have a job that normally requires me to travel and after nearly a year and a half of getting off the hook in this area, I've been asked once again to make some travel visits for work. These aren't long trips... just an overnight here and there... but an overnight is something that Radar has NEVER done without me and something I haven't done without Radar since he's existed.

But come the night of January 18th, we're both going to have to make it through a night without each other's company! I'll be in a bed in a hotel room in a Marriott in the Cayman Islands. Radar will be with Maria and Fanny, on the floor or in his playpen (did I mention that I changed his crib to a toddler bed already since he never uses it and I thought that being able to get in and out might make it more appealing to him (which it hasn't)?). And that'll serve as practice for the very next week when we have to repeat another night apart on January 25th.

Hopefully it won't be a big deal. Hopefully "our" separation anxiety won't be too acute. Hopefully we'll have a couple of silent nights... but I'm guessing that there's a good chance it might not turn out that way. Either way, I'll keep you posted.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Since Maria decided to change her return flight to tonight, I've taken a couple of half days so as not to stick mom with her impossible toddler grandson for too long. We took advantage of the beautiful weather to go to Clifton Heritage Park this afternoon.

my beak and Radar in the backpack...

by the ruins of the old slave cabins...

down by the water at Clifton Pier...


Lori said...

The pictures are amazing. You look so good and so happy! Radar was always your destiny and I am so blessed to watch your journey unfold. Thank God we have the technology we do to share each other's lives arcross the miles.

Thank you Marcela for the wonderful comments about my reply to Christena's blog story. You are too kind with your words. Christena is an amazing person as I am sure you are being part of the same family!

All my love sent your way! Please send some warmth from your way. We are covered with 2 1/2 feet of snow. the kids had a snow day. This has been a great 2 weeks Christmas break with the kids!

Marco said...

OK, so you live in paradise, and its miserably windy cold here. But I don't envy your upcoming nights away from Radar. I'm feeling some empathetic separation anxiety already. I love you guys... Ooooooooh and thank you so much for the sock doll. When I told X about it he was saying snuggle snuggle snuggle snuggle... etc over and over, swinging him around by his ears. It was adorable!

Anonymous said...