Saturday, February 27, 2010

Putting the kid to work

This guy here has been free-loading, but I'm putting an end to that!

If he wants me to keep feeding him, then he's going to have to do some of the chores... walking the dog.

And if he thinks that just means strapping on a leash and taking a stroll...

...well then he is sorely mistaken.

You've also got to reward the dog with gentle pats when she listens...

...and when she does her business in the grass.

That's right kiddo... the free ride is over!

If you want mommy to keep doing all the stuff she does for you, then there's got to be some quid pro quo... know, "you scratch my back, I scratch yours."

Or in this case, it's more like...

"You walk my dog, I'll walk yours!"

But really... Radar is so cute.

When we go out now, he insists (ie, screams bloody murder if you say 'no') on taking Fanny's leash. We went all the way down the street and back like this.

This is really getting to be a lot of fun!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Vivi... I am so happy to hear that your family in Chile are all ok!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gate Schmate

The bathroom in my bedroom doesn't have a door.

It has a curtain.

Radar likes bathrooms.

He likes toilets and tubs and tub faucets and toilet paper and garbage bins and shampoo bottles and scales.

It's just easier to keep Radar out of the bathroom.

But without a door, what is one to do?

Of course!

A baby gate... so simple.

That way Radar can see in...

...but he can't get in.

And the toilet and paper and tub and faucet and shampoo and garbage and scale are all safe.

I can even pee without Radar trying to find a way into the toilet.

A gate is a perfect solution.

Or rather, a gate WOULD be a perfect solution...

...for some other 14 month old.

But not for my monkey!

"Gate-schmate mommy!! "

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just for Tia Lali

I would hate for Tia Lali to think that all of her very important comments go unread or unappreciated. I assure you Lali, that not only do I read all the comments, but I also read them to Radar and I read them in silly voices with lots and lots of inflection so that he gets the gist of how dramatic and important all of your comments are... he really enjoys hearing his Tia Lali compliments.

And since Tia Lali thinks that Radar is so perfect just as he is, Radar has decided to give her just that... Radar in his natural state! This morning we did a mini nude photo shoot... Radar ran around the living room screaming in delight as I snapped away.

So here you go Lali... just for you!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Radar got his first tattoo!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS- In addition to wanting to please Lali, Radar has been having another bout of painful diaper rash so he's been getting more naked time than usual.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My son, the doctah!

I'm not Jewish and therefore I am not the stereotypical "Jewish Mutha" who thinks that her son is the bee's knees. I'm not out to prove to everyone that my son is a genius (he's proving that to everyone himself) or that he does things faster and better than all the other babies his age. And since I'm NOT that mother, when we went out to lunch with a bunch of other mommies and babies this past Saturday, I wasn't drawing comparisons.

For example, when Radar's buddy Jack, who is 5 weeks YOUNGER than Radar, fed himself his whole lunch - all by himself - with a spoon, I just congratulated his mother and laughed it off. I just joked about how Radar has learned to throw his spoon before plunging into his meal with his fingers.

I didn't care about a younger baby outshining Radar in one silly milestone.

And I certainly didn't go home that same day and start forcing Radar to use his spoon.

You can bet that I didn't instruct Maria that she is no longer to spoon feed Radar, but must start forcing him to feed himself with a spoon.

I certainly wouldn't risk pissing Radar off like that.

I'm the kind of mother who is casual about these little silly milestones and I know that it'll come with time.

Four days to be precise!

By the way, have you all met my son, the doctah?

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rock a bye Radar

Ok, so I was really torn about posting this because it does not show me in the most flattering light. To begin with, I'm singing and that there is usually a bad sign. But see, Radar and I do this thing where I put a music video on the iMac and I sing along to it as I rock Radar... at night when he's sleepy, he seems to really like this routine and he'll just quietly lean his head up against me and watch the video and listen to me sing (did I mention that in order to get someone to listen to me sing, I actually had to make someone?) So last night I decided instead to put on some lullaby music and the camera so that Radar could watch himself. The results were pretty hillarious (to me), so I started recording.

Not sure why he did this, but boy oh boy did mommy get a kick out of it. I hope you do too (if you can get past my haggard look and horrible singing!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Best

Our friends Doug and Betty are back in town (last year) and they asked if we wanted to join them for mass this morning. Why not? It's been a while since we've been because when I think about going I usually have visions of Radar screaming and running all around the church. But this morning I pushed those visions aside and Radar dressed in his Sunday best!

What do they say about those people who have visions that come true? That they have ESP... extra sensory perception... well, that's me! ALL the visions came true! Let's just say that Sunday "best" does not apply to behavior.

Actually, it wasn't nearly that bad. We spent about 20 minutes outside when things got bad and between bouncing and singing and distracting Radar with milk, cheese puffs, watches, cell phones and whispers, we somehow managed to get through the hour and a half mass without being asked to leave!!! Way to go Radar.

After mass, Doug and Betty invited us to a delicious and equally rambunctious Sunday brunch at the Sheraton where for some unknown reason Radar devoloped a bathroom phobia. He'd made a pachoom in his boom boom (that's how we say he's pooped his diaper), but when I took him to the bathroom he panicked... different than his pissed off cry - he was terrified. So I ended up changing the boom boom in the grass outside by the pool with restaurant patrons and hotel guests looking on. What we won't do for these little critters.

All in all it was a great morning and afternoon and to prove it, I give you the before and after pictures (I didn't take my camera, but Doug and Betty got some good ones of Radar eating a bunch of M&Ms that Betty gave him... I'll have to get them and post a couple).



Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Showing some teeth

Just a couple of weeks ago I posted a video of Radar climbing up and sliding down a baby slide all by himself. Now if you take him to that slide he'll look at you and say (with his eyes), "that's for babies!"

Of course Radar is still a baby, but I think that that memo didn't get to him (or maybe he couldn't read the memo since he's a baby and all). Because now Radar has conquered the little people slide at the park all by himself and there's nothing I can do about it!

At the rate that he's blowing through his slide milestones, I think that we're going to be making a trip to one of those water parks with the gigantic twisting slides before you know it.

Oh, and I've been trying for the past week to get a decent picture of Radar's front teeth. I've been looking through all of his pictures and there are zillions where he shows off his bottom teeth - and to be sure he has four very lovely bottom teeth. But he's also got four beautiful front teeth and I wanted you all to see them! It seems however, that showing his front chompers is a challenge due to those extremely heavy chipmunk cheeks that he's carrying around.

But this morning I convinced him to give a big smile and fearing that I'd lose the opportunity, I snapped the shot before my poor camera even had a chance to auto-focus. No matter though... even with a bit a blur, you can't miss them!!! Aren't they wonderful???!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How do they know?

Before Radar was born, when I was buying all sorts of toys for him, more than one person told me that it was largely a waste of money because usually a kid's favorite toys are the pots and pans in the kitchen.

We have tons of toys and Radar does play with them, but none of the ones that I bought for him are his favorite. And I hate to challenge the old "pots and pans" wisdom, but I think that dates back to before the truly technological age that we live in today. See, Radar does like to bang the pots and pans every now and then, but no more so than any of his other toys.

Telephones, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game! Radar is obsessed with telephones. He is now 14 months old and he has learned how to take the house phone out of its cradle and how to place it back in... he knows how to push the button to play back messages. He knows how push all the buttons on the phone. And if you try to stop him, he knows how to scream bloody murder until you relent and let him make some more crank calls!

And as for the cell phone. He knows how to flip it open and closed. He knows how to push all the buttons and is getting better and better at successfully placing crank calls - he crank called the house last night! He was playing with the cell phone when the house phone rang. I didn't give it a second thought and answered, never thinking it was Radar. Then I heard "U-la" (that's his standard phone greeting).

In an effort to combat this obsession and to try to salvage my telecommunication systems, I have tried giving Radar fake phones and toy phones and old, non-functioning cell phones. But he knows. I hand him a fake phone and he immediately throws it. How does he know?

I'm not sure what to do about this... I know that I could put my foot down and prohibit Radar from using the phones, but I'm trying to pick my battles and that one just doesn't seem that important! So I guess there's nothing to do... oh well!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - If you get a crank call from my number - I apologize in advance!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Right place, right time... so what's up?

You've all met my mom, Grammy.

She flew over on Friday morning and spent the weekend with us.

And it was an action packed weekend full of zoos and marathons and farms and long drives and the park.

And she had such a good time with her grandson, Radar, that this morning when we dropped her off at the airport at 6:15am, she had a tear in her eye. She was sad to go and we were sad to see her go.

But that's how it goes.

All visits must come to an end...

and she was booked and confirmed on the return flight...

JetBlue, flight 1790



Monday the 15th

So wasn't I surprised when she called me from the airport at 6:45am to say that she was at the counter and they didn't show her name on the roster!!!!

I couldn't have purchased it under the wrong name because this was the return flight and she'd had no problem on the flight over on Friday.

I quickly ran to the computer to pull up the reservation so that I could give them the confirmation number.

And there is was!!!

Monday the 15th at 8:00am, JetBlue #1790!!!!


Take that!!!

Note to self; on non-leap years, February has 28 days which is exactly 4 weeks which means that the February and March calendars, especially when viewed as one of those little pop-up, online booking calendars, look very much the same.

That's right. Mom's return flight is perfectly intact and proper...

For Monday, March 15th!


So, rather than pay nearly $300 to get on the flight, we bought another for tomorrow and we get Grammy for one more day.

And Grammy gets to spend an extra day with this guy...

Now that's what I call a pretty nifty silver lining to a pretty bone-headed move on my part!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

If you could lend me
your ear for a moment...

I'd like to play you
a corny Valentine tune
on my harmonica...

and give you a call to wish you
the maize happy Valentine's Day ever!

Ok, so it's not a traditional celebration...

But it is a delicious one!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar