Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just for Tia Lali

I would hate for Tia Lali to think that all of her very important comments go unread or unappreciated. I assure you Lali, that not only do I read all the comments, but I also read them to Radar and I read them in silly voices with lots and lots of inflection so that he gets the gist of how dramatic and important all of your comments are... he really enjoys hearing his Tia Lali compliments.

And since Tia Lali thinks that Radar is so perfect just as he is, Radar has decided to give her just that... Radar in his natural state! This morning we did a mini nude photo shoot... Radar ran around the living room screaming in delight as I snapped away.

So here you go Lali... just for you!

Oh, I forgot to mention that Radar got his first tattoo!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS- In addition to wanting to please Lali, Radar has been having another bout of painful diaper rash so he's been getting more naked time than usual.


Lali said...

Well, I am very pleased. And I was hoping that you read my comments to Radar and I super appreciate that you do it in a silly voice!

I am loving the tatoo. I hope the diaper rash gets better!

PS. Carolina called me and told me that she read my comment and that I should use bluetooth to transfer the picture. :) Still haven't done it.

Loads of kisses,
Tia Lali

Lali said...

And I clicked on my profile out of curiosity and I guess that you set it up. I am a fan of:
Age: 1925
Occupation: Scientist extraordinaire
Interests: My nephew
Favorite Movies: Home videos of my nephew
Favorite Music: Radar Love
Favorite Books: The blog book my sister is publishing about Radar

So so so much love,
Tia Lali

Radar's Mom said...

Wow Lali... I hadn't looked at your profile, but I'm not sure why you think that I set it up. Isn't it all true? And if so, why would I be more likely to tell the truth than you? I am confused about the age though... that's pretty darn old.