Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My son, the doctah!

I'm not Jewish and therefore I am not the stereotypical "Jewish Mutha" who thinks that her son is the bee's knees. I'm not out to prove to everyone that my son is a genius (he's proving that to everyone himself) or that he does things faster and better than all the other babies his age. And since I'm NOT that mother, when we went out to lunch with a bunch of other mommies and babies this past Saturday, I wasn't drawing comparisons.

For example, when Radar's buddy Jack, who is 5 weeks YOUNGER than Radar, fed himself his whole lunch - all by himself - with a spoon, I just congratulated his mother and laughed it off. I just joked about how Radar has learned to throw his spoon before plunging into his meal with his fingers.

I didn't care about a younger baby outshining Radar in one silly milestone.

And I certainly didn't go home that same day and start forcing Radar to use his spoon.

You can bet that I didn't instruct Maria that she is no longer to spoon feed Radar, but must start forcing him to feed himself with a spoon.

I certainly wouldn't risk pissing Radar off like that.

I'm the kind of mother who is casual about these little silly milestones and I know that it'll come with time.

Four days to be precise!

By the way, have you all met my son, the doctah?

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lali said...

WOW!! That is fantastic! Yippee for that milestone! How is he so perfect? Can you post a video of him eating? The still frames are beatiful, in fact I replaced my background again, but a video would be awesome too!

Lali said...

I really wanted the picture of Radar on my phone. The easiest way to do that without all my wires and junk is to put is as my desktop and take a picture from my phone of my computer screen. Sure, the resolution might not be as good but I wanted it now, so I was prepared to deal with it. It actually did not come out too bad, a little blurry and the contrast is no good but the subject is so awesome, who cares right?!

But that is not why I am commenting again. The real reason is that with the bad contrast of the picture, Radar's eyebrows are really prominant. This brings me to the main point: Radar's eyebrows are PERFECT! So perfect!

I thought I should point that out.

Loads of Love,
Hugs, Pugs and kitty kisses,
Tia Lali

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