Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I hate to go so many days without posting something....

But I'm a bit of a blog slacker.

These have been kind of slow news days.

We don't have 5 feet of snow to blog about.

Just overcast skies and warm breezes.

Empty playgrounds.

Old dudes speed walking.

And this guy, of course.

But no new amazing milestones.

Except maybe a first word.

Nothing tangible like Mommy or Luz or Fanny.

Ok, so maybe you can't touch Luz.

But this is something you can't even point at.

An abstract...


But only maybe...

maybe it's just babbling.

If I can get it on video, maybe I'll post a survey to get your opinions.

Grammy is coming to visit Friday.

On Sunday we'll be out on the road cheering the runners in Nassau's first annual Valentine's Day marathon.

But as for today...

it's a bit of a slow news day.

Or maybe I'm just a slacker.

Lots of love,
The slacker and Radar


Marco said...

Yes, we're being buried in a flurry white out of snow tundra, but I believe ALL the airports were closed, so think the other Rafa got to stick around extra day. And it was perfect snow for frozen daiquiris and dominos. Good luck with your perfect weather. Send some our way when you get tired of it.

littleharves said...

hey christina, you sound a bit down honey, i just want you to know i'm ok and i very much look forward to your bright and cheery blogs so please!!!!! back to your happy self, as always, lots of love to you and your little man, did you get the photo of harvey with radars teddy? xxx anne

Lori said...

Hope you are just feeling content with life. Some times no news is good news. When life in uneventful it leaves us time to appreciate all of the little things life with a baby can bring us. We may notice the sweet smell of his freshly shampooed hair, the cute little smile you may receive when you come home from work, the long gaze you are able to hold on your angel while he sleeps and the extra long cuddles that uneventful life allows the time for. While my children sleep I am able to lose myself in my content, comfortaable thoughts of how very good life can be when you are a mother.

If all of that doesn't make you feel sentimental, life with a one year old boy and pug will bring you much more to blog about in the very near future!

As always much love for you,
A ready to burst Lori