Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Science of Philly

Let me start this post about an hour north of Philadelphia in a little town called New Hope where we spent yesterday with our dear friend Tia Andrea. Andrea has a 9 year old son named Michael and that made our visit a veritable bonanza for Radar. Between following Michael around, staring at him with admiration, and raiding his whole supply of cars, tanks, balls and army soldiers, Radar thoroughly enjoyed our visit. As for us mommies, we bought ourselves matching pajamas and had ourselves a good ole' slumber party!

Let me then segue back to my last post where I mentioned that we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. In the text of my post I mentioned that Tia Caro had been with us at the zoo, but I didn't include a picture of Caro. It certainly wasn't because Caro is so wretchedly hideous that I was afraid to scare you... (as you see, even with a giraffe growing out of their heads, Caro and Lali are pretty gorgeous).

It was because I caught Caro chasing Radar...

And trying to eat him!!!

But since Radar doesn't seem to mind it when Tia Caro chases and gobbles him up, I guess I shouldn't worry.

Let me then move onto today when the sun came back out and Radar taught me and Tio Javier how to really enjoy the guts out of Center City Philly!!!

But the highlight was when we capped our day off with a visit to Tia Lali at her office and lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Turns out that Radar really loves the science of Philly!!!

Tomorrow the adventure continues in Frederick, MD! Can't wait!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and the mad scientist, Radar

Monday, March 29, 2010

Silly in Philly

We're having a blast! We got into Philly on Saturday afternoon and it's been non-stop since touch down. Some highlights...

Not that he needed one...

...but Radar got a cool mohawkish haircut!

We went for walks with Tia Lali!

We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with Tia Lali, Tia Caro and Tio Javier!!!

And even though they don't let you get up and close to the animals like in Nassau, we took pictures with every single fake animal at the zoo.

And Radar went on his first Easter Egg hunt! As you can see, the eggs were really well hidden and that helps explain why it took him 20 minutes to find the 5 eggs required to win a prize!!!

But I'm guessing that you're saying something like,

"yeah, yeah... that's great, but who won the limerick contest?"

So with no further ado...

Thank you to everyone who submitted a limerick.

It was really fun to read them all, even the terrible ones (I won't mention names).

But I had to pick a, or a(s) winner, or winner(s), so I used the same sophisticated criteria that I do to pick World Series or SuperBowl favorites (like fuzziest mascot).

Co-Winner #1
For submitting entries all the way from Tasmania, land of the Tazzy Devil & for calling me "young", Anne is our First Co-Winner!

Co-Winner #2
And for simply using the word 'cerulean', Marco is our other Co-Winner

(not to mention that our two winners also bested everyone with shear volume!!!)

So congratulations to our winners, but thank you also to Dardo, Uncle Stefan, Tia Sara, Lali, Abuela & Morgan... you made our little game very fun!

Anne & Marco, let me know your preferred color of egg!
Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring limerick contest

It's been a while since Radar Love has hosted a contest... But we're in a mighty fine mood these days on account of we're heading off for our 10 day Easter vacation tomorrow! So we thought that we'd host a little limerick contest (since we sort of skipped over the whole St. Patty's Day thing) and offer up one of these 2010 White House Easter Eggs (winner's choice of color) to the winner(s).

Just leave your Spring limerick in the comments by this Sunday (March 28th) and Radar will pick a winner to announce on Monday. (Ok, so it'll be me picking the winner, but I will read them all to Radar since I read him all of his comments anyway).

Good luck!!!

Here's ours...

This Spring all my days are quite sunny,

And not 'cause a no Easter Bunny,

It’s simply because,

My heart’s all abuzz,

Since a toddler named Radar’s my hunny!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going Politics...

Ok, so I don't go political too often on Radar's blog because it's supposed to be about him, not my political views. On the other hand, I've never tried to hide my political views as evidenced by some of the very first pictures I ever put on this blog from before Radar was even born.

(Gee, it almost seems like I'll use just about any excuse to dig these Matt Damon pictures out and post them every now and then!)

But tonight I just feel like going politics because it's what's on my mind. If you care to skip my mini-rant, then please just jump to the pictures at the bottom of the post - they cross all political ideologies! Where was I? Yes, my views are generally seen through a more liberal lens and yes, my views are far more aligned with the Democratic platform - not always, but usually. But I also really like moderation. I like it in behavior, I like it in my day to day life and I like it in politics.

So I guess I just don't get what this armaggedon response to the healthcare bill passage is all about. I get that losing hurts - I was on the losing end of politics for a long time - it hurt. But it didn't lead me to believe that George Bush was the anti-Christ (maybe Cheney, but not poor W) or that his administration orchestrated 911. I know that Glenn Beck is really popular (another thing I don't get), but do the 2.5 to 3 million people that watch him every night really believe that Obama is taking us down the road to Nazi Germany with this watered down healthcare reform? I don't get how someone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of 20th century history can find any parellels at all between Barack Obama and Adolph Hilter. And I don't get why it's such an evil thing to try to fix a system that everyone admits is very broken.

I believe in a government that makes efforts to ensure certain social guarantees for its people. I like Social Security and Medicare. I like the funding of public education. I like environmental regulations that let us breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water. I like that Radar's toys don't have lead in them. And I like that my government has passed this imperfect healthcare reform.

But even if someone doesn't believe in and like the things I mention above, are these grounds to hate me and think me evil? I don't hate people that see things differently than I do. For God's sake, I named my son after our family's biggest Republican!!! (Hey Rafa, how's it going?) I guess I just don't get it and every now and then it's good to have your own blog where you can dump your confused thoughts out for all to see!

Ok - deep breath - I'm done with politics. Let me end this on a topic with which no one can possibly disagree. That being that...

Radar is a Rock Star!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Terrible twos start at 15 months it seems...

I tried to embed this video, but it was cropped so that you couldn't read it...

Here's the link...


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Over the past few days we've been busy fighting off yet another bug. I know that kids get sick a lot and that it's not necessarily a bad thing because it's how they build up their immune systems. But come on... Radar was just sick a couple of weeks ago. So on Thursday and Friday nights, when I was up most of the night with a coughing, snotting, screaming, crying toddler, I was less than amused with the way nature works! I craved a short break from Radar!

That break came in the form of a baby shower invitation from the very same pregnant woman that I mugged just a couple of weeks ago... boy, she's forgiving. So yesterday, in the early afternoon, I left a screaming Radar at home with Maria and I headed off to what I hoped was a non-teetotalling baby shower. I was not disappointed!

This is the first baby shower that I'd been to since my own and if my count is right, that would make it my 3rd or 4th baby shower ever. But it won't be my last. I used to think they were silly and I thought the games were dumb... but now I'm cut throat competitive in Baby Shower Bingo and my dedication and concentration paid off with a first place bingo finish yesterday!!!

I used to think it was cruel to make a pregnant woman wear a ridiculous bow hat... but now I can't imagine anything cuter than this little bo peep tradition!

And I used to think that nobody could possibly appreciate my innappropriate baby shower gifts (like strap on man boobs so that daddies can also breast feed!), but I think that Kate really liked the gift I gave her!

So all in all (including the 3+ glasses of red wine that I gulped down), it was a delicious break from the insanity of living 24/7 with a sick toddler. And miraculously, when I got home, Radar had taken a long nap and now seems to be 95% better (he slept 11 hours last night).

Thank you Kate! I really had a great time and you truly are glowing with the beauty of a new mommy to be. Radar and I so look forward to meeting little Erik in just a couple of months!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - As I was snapping some shots of Radar enjoying his 'nature' time this morning, it occurred to me that it is a very good thing that we'll be seeing Tia Lali in just one short week because someone is in dire need of a haircut!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Being blue isn't so bad


The Pros

Blueberries are an excellent source of
vitamin C

Blueberries are a good source of dietary fiber

Blueberries are an excellent source of manganese

Blueberries contain substances that have antioxidant properties

And best of all

Blueberries are delicious!!!

The Cons

Blueberries cause blue poop that stains baby butts blue.

Warning: Changing diapers in public after a blueberry binge may cause strangers to call family services with allegations of severe spanking!

Lots of love,
Titi & Radar

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been there, done that!

For whatever reason, when I was pregnant
- both times -
I was pretty sure I was going to have a girl.

Both times I was wrong.

Which is not to say that I was disappointed. Not at all! In fact, I was thrilled because I thought I'd be a better mom for a boy than a girl. Not in any 'core parenting' or 'love your kids' ways... rather in the 'never brushing hair' and 'all his clothes have stains' kind of ways.

I would have been perfectly thrilled to raise a tomboy! But I was granted a short-cut and all I have to do now is raise a boy-boy. And I have to tell you, Radar is making that super easy on me. It's like he got some blueprint on what little boys are "supposed to" do and what they're "supposed to" be interested in... and he's following it to a tee (except maybe for the purse fetish and oh, recently he's been trying to wear my shoes).

Really though - little boys are "supposed to" like cars, trucks, fire truck, etc. Radar does! He has taken zero interest in stuffed animals or blankies or other baby stuff. He goes straight for the trucks. He is a huge Nascar fan in the making!!!

And aren't boys "supposed to" be rough and tumble? Well, Radar is... he's a little daredevil. He climbs everything. He tackled the slides before the other kids his age... usually long before. When he approaches some new obstacle, sometimes he's a little skittish - like with the big slide - but he doesn't turn around. He probes and tests it slowly, then goes forward.

I'm very proud of my little daredevil and I'm so excited when he takes on new challenges... I just don't think I'm prepared for the speed that he's blowing through these challenges. To make matters worse, he's got a real "been there, done that" attitude about it.

In January he conquered the little slide...

By February it was "been there, done that, mommy! Bring on the big slide"...

Now it's March and you guessed it... "Been there, done that mommy! Bring on the next thing."

And so March seems to be the month for the see-saw!!!

Even if he isn't totally sure how it works.

No biggy though, because boys are "supposed to" be strong and lift things!

Anyway - the other 'see-saw' kids are way too big for Radar.
(I have an imagine of Radar being catapulted across the playground!)

(That's the "new things" skittish look I mentioned).

So we have to make do with a mommy push on the other end.

Which for now seems to be just fine with Radar.

At least for March.

But April is just around the corner.

And I'm scared to think what might be next!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here's another quick "boy" story from today. Every day at lunchtime, I have a video conference call with Radar. We've been doing this for many months now. At first he didn't realize it was me. Then he started recognizing my voice... then my picture. Now he's a pro! As soon as the picture flashes up and he hears my voice, he gets very excited.

Then we do our daily routine where I sing to him and ask him questions that he answers with gestures...

Like "donde esta la oreja del bebe?" (where's the baby's ear? - he grabs his ear)

And "donde esta Fanny?" (where's Fanny? - he jerks his head around until he sees the pug)

Then of course there is the famous "donde esta la nariz?"

"Where's the nose?"

Which Radar promptly answers just like you'd expect a little boy to respond!!!

Afterall, boys are "supposed to" pick their noses - aren't they?