Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been there, done that!

For whatever reason, when I was pregnant
- both times -
I was pretty sure I was going to have a girl.

Both times I was wrong.

Which is not to say that I was disappointed. Not at all! In fact, I was thrilled because I thought I'd be a better mom for a boy than a girl. Not in any 'core parenting' or 'love your kids' ways... rather in the 'never brushing hair' and 'all his clothes have stains' kind of ways.

I would have been perfectly thrilled to raise a tomboy! But I was granted a short-cut and all I have to do now is raise a boy-boy. And I have to tell you, Radar is making that super easy on me. It's like he got some blueprint on what little boys are "supposed to" do and what they're "supposed to" be interested in... and he's following it to a tee (except maybe for the purse fetish and oh, recently he's been trying to wear my shoes).

Really though - little boys are "supposed to" like cars, trucks, fire truck, etc. Radar does! He has taken zero interest in stuffed animals or blankies or other baby stuff. He goes straight for the trucks. He is a huge Nascar fan in the making!!!

And aren't boys "supposed to" be rough and tumble? Well, Radar is... he's a little daredevil. He climbs everything. He tackled the slides before the other kids his age... usually long before. When he approaches some new obstacle, sometimes he's a little skittish - like with the big slide - but he doesn't turn around. He probes and tests it slowly, then goes forward.

I'm very proud of my little daredevil and I'm so excited when he takes on new challenges... I just don't think I'm prepared for the speed that he's blowing through these challenges. To make matters worse, he's got a real "been there, done that" attitude about it.

In January he conquered the little slide...

By February it was "been there, done that, mommy! Bring on the big slide"...

Now it's March and you guessed it... "Been there, done that mommy! Bring on the next thing."

And so March seems to be the month for the see-saw!!!

Even if he isn't totally sure how it works.

No biggy though, because boys are "supposed to" be strong and lift things!

Anyway - the other 'see-saw' kids are way too big for Radar.
(I have an imagine of Radar being catapulted across the playground!)

(That's the "new things" skittish look I mentioned).

So we have to make do with a mommy push on the other end.

Which for now seems to be just fine with Radar.

At least for March.

But April is just around the corner.

And I'm scared to think what might be next!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here's another quick "boy" story from today. Every day at lunchtime, I have a video conference call with Radar. We've been doing this for many months now. At first he didn't realize it was me. Then he started recognizing my voice... then my picture. Now he's a pro! As soon as the picture flashes up and he hears my voice, he gets very excited.

Then we do our daily routine where I sing to him and ask him questions that he answers with gestures...

Like "donde esta la oreja del bebe?" (where's the baby's ear? - he grabs his ear)

And "donde esta Fanny?" (where's Fanny? - he jerks his head around until he sees the pug)

Then of course there is the famous "donde esta la nariz?"

"Where's the nose?"

Which Radar promptly answers just like you'd expect a little boy to respond!!!

Afterall, boys are "supposed to" pick their noses - aren't they?


Becky said...

I think our little guys should hang out and form a gang. But a good gang, a rough and tumble, eat sand go down the slide head first kind of gang.

Little M and Baby G said...

He looks like the etrade baby! Such a sweet-heart.

Lali said...

OMG!!! Those pictures are to die for!!! He looks like he is having a ton of fun. Does he like the swing? I want a picture of that! Can't wait to see you guys!!!

Do you still put these picts on winkflash or one of those websites... I really want to wallpaper my apt with these!

Tia Lali

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That cracked me up! Good one Radar!

Love Melissa