Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Going Politics...

Ok, so I don't go political too often on Radar's blog because it's supposed to be about him, not my political views. On the other hand, I've never tried to hide my political views as evidenced by some of the very first pictures I ever put on this blog from before Radar was even born.

(Gee, it almost seems like I'll use just about any excuse to dig these Matt Damon pictures out and post them every now and then!)

But tonight I just feel like going politics because it's what's on my mind. If you care to skip my mini-rant, then please just jump to the pictures at the bottom of the post - they cross all political ideologies! Where was I? Yes, my views are generally seen through a more liberal lens and yes, my views are far more aligned with the Democratic platform - not always, but usually. But I also really like moderation. I like it in behavior, I like it in my day to day life and I like it in politics.

So I guess I just don't get what this armaggedon response to the healthcare bill passage is all about. I get that losing hurts - I was on the losing end of politics for a long time - it hurt. But it didn't lead me to believe that George Bush was the anti-Christ (maybe Cheney, but not poor W) or that his administration orchestrated 911. I know that Glenn Beck is really popular (another thing I don't get), but do the 2.5 to 3 million people that watch him every night really believe that Obama is taking us down the road to Nazi Germany with this watered down healthcare reform? I don't get how someone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of 20th century history can find any parellels at all between Barack Obama and Adolph Hilter. And I don't get why it's such an evil thing to try to fix a system that everyone admits is very broken.

I believe in a government that makes efforts to ensure certain social guarantees for its people. I like Social Security and Medicare. I like the funding of public education. I like environmental regulations that let us breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water. I like that Radar's toys don't have lead in them. And I like that my government has passed this imperfect healthcare reform.

But even if someone doesn't believe in and like the things I mention above, are these grounds to hate me and think me evil? I don't hate people that see things differently than I do. For God's sake, I named my son after our family's biggest Republican!!! (Hey Rafa, how's it going?) I guess I just don't get it and every now and then it's good to have your own blog where you can dump your confused thoughts out for all to see!

Ok - deep breath - I'm done with politics. Let me end this on a topic with which no one can possibly disagree. That being that...

Radar is a Rock Star!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Becky said...

PREACH! You have the agreement of our household!

Tia Sara said...

I guess I'm part of the Choir too!
And I'm always glad to see a member of our family advocating moderation!

Lali said...

Rock on Titi!
Rock on Radar!

Tia Lali

José Francisco said...

Rafa, republican?

Radar's Mom said...

Did I surprise you Pancho?