Monday, March 1, 2010

Mugging pregnant ladies

In the USA if you want a cheap toy for your kid, you just go to a Walmart or page through the Sunday Target ads to see what's on sale. If you want a REALLY cheap toy for your kid, then you hit the yard (or garage) sales early Saturday morning. My mom LOVES doing this! There have been many Saturdays when I call at nine or ten in the morning and she's already come back with her loot. She's gotten toys and cars and Legos and singing stuff and the list goes on and on... Sometimes she'll moan and complain that she paid "too much" when she forked out $4 for something!

Unfortunately though, it's not that easy in the Bahamas. If you go to the store to buy a toy, you're looking at paying 200% to 300% of the US regular price. They don't really do sales here. And there's not much of a tradition for yard sales, so to get used stuff you have to luck out a bit... maybe you'll hear through the grapevine that someone is selling some kids' stuff for cheap and you go running... usually by the time you get there though, it turns out that someone else has a faster speed grapevine and everything is gone. Oh well.

I realize that Radar doesn't really need anything else, but this bargain hunting thing is a bit of a sport. And that is how this past Saturday's events transpired and how it came to be that I mugged a pregnant lady.

Maria was working on Saturday, so it was no surprise when at about 2:30pm there was a knock at the door and one of her Peruvian friends was standing there. I told her I would get Maria when she asked in Spanish (because she speaks no English) what "Tack eh forrrr frrreh" meant.
My eyes bugged out!

My ears perked up!

"Take for free!!!"

I quickly translated and Maria came running to the door. "What's free?" she asked, just as excited as me.

A Radio Flyer wagon and a Big Wheels!!!

Maria castigated Dina (her friend) for not taking them right away. Dina plead ignorant saying she wasn't sure what the sign meant, but she had come straight here because she thought these would be perfect for Radar.

Radar was napping, but this was more important that any dumb old nap. So Maria grabbed him and we all jumped in the car and took off for the "take for free" loot. The loot was only a five to ten minute walk away, but that was five to ten minutes when someone else might get it first... no time to waste!!!

We made the left turn off of my street and we were off... three giddy ladies and groggy baby. Less than a minute into our journey, our hearts dropped... there was a pregnant lady, walking her dog and dragging a big Radio Flyer wagon with a Big Wheels inside... the Radio Flyer had a hand written sign taped to the side that read "Take for Free."


I wasn't going to let some pregnant lady deprive my son of 5 minutes of fun (until he got tired of his new toys and moved onto something else)!!!

So I slammed on the brakes, put the car in Park, got out, grabbed the Big Wheels and threw it into the back of the car and then wrestled the pregnant lady for the big wagon. Unfortunately it was too big to fit in the back of the car, so I threated her with bodily harm if she didn't take the wagon to my house!!! I must have used the same scary tone of voice that I do with Radar and Fanny because she did exactly as I demanded!!!

I'm not proud that I mugged the pregnant lady, but in the Bahamas, you've got to do what you've got to do!!! And see how worth it it was???

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Ok, you might have guessed that my story was a bit over dramatized. Every bit was true up to the part about me actually mugging the pregnant lady. That pregnant lady is my friend Kate who lives just a few doors down from us. She's pregnant with her first baby, so he (it's a boy) won't actually be ready for these toys for a while. But just like me, she couldn't resist the bargain. We quickly came to an agreement that Radar could use them until her little guy is ready to take over. So the Big Wheels did go into the car and she did deliver the wagon to our house - but there weren't actually any threats!

PSS - The wagon does have all its sides, I just took one off in the house so that Radar could more easily get in and out (as if a silly side would stop him!)


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Anonymous said...

Bummer, I was hoping to see a photo of the pregnant lady with a black eye. Love, Rafa

Marco said...

Titi would soooooooo stop to take that picture. The police would be patiently waiting to escort her to the station as she posed the assaulted pregnant woman so she could take a wide angle her eye with Radar and the wagon are playing in the background! Good for you Titi! Great score, Radar looks very happy with his new loot!

Lali said...

Up until that ps I was sure that you had beat up the pregnant lady... Boy was I off!
They look like really cool toys! I like this toy network idea... Did you give her any infant boy stuff in exchange?

Tia Lali

Radar's Mom said...

Darn! I hadn't thought of that Marco. I really should have socked Kate in the eye... would have made for a funny post and would have fulfilled Rafa's "lady wrestling" expectations. Plus, the police usually don't show up for hours (if at all) when you call, so that would have given me plenty of time for all the picture taking!

Radar's Mom said...

Lali - I thought about not adding the PS since it seemed obvious, but then I thought, "no wait, Lali will think I really DID beat up the pregnant lady," so I added it after all. So far I've only given her pregnant lady stuff... once he's born, I'll let her raid Radar's baby boy supplies and take at will... in other words, I'll let her mug me!

Cousin Laurie said...

I knew your Mom could be ruthless in a bargain, but I never expected it of you. lol!!! Glad I continued to read :)