Friday, March 12, 2010


In November of this year, Radar will be nearly two.

Our diapering days won't be over, but we'll really be tackling the whole potty issue by then.
(Actually, I already bought him a singing potty, but we're still a long ways off.)

November will mark a full year since we stopped breastfeeding.

Radar will have expanded his vocabulary beyond its current standing...
(Mama = Mama)
(U-la = Hola)
(Daddo = Gato)
(sorry Dardo... Daddo does not mean Dardo!)

We'll be looking at milestones like undressing and catching a sneeze.

Radar will be self feeding much better than he is now.
(Despite my post from a couple of weeks back, we are still struggling with self-feeding)
(On the up side, he's got the 'feeding Fanny' thing down pat!)

Right now, Radar's first molars are coming in... by November he'll have molars enough to really chew his food.

Radar will be fully into the swing of being a terrible toddler!

In November I'll be saying things like...

"I can't believe my baby is almost 2!!!"

The days of the helpless infant will seem like a distant memory.

That's where we'll be in November.

But thanks to a very productive mid-term leave from Iraq for my cousin Rafael and his wife Vivi...

In November, they'll be starting again from

DAY 1!

Congratulations Vivi & Rafa !!!!
(and Pepe & Vivianita)
(and Tio Pepe & Tia Mary)

We are so, so, so happy for you and can't wait to meet Radar's newest and youngest (so far) cousin!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Vivi, Rafa, Pepe & other Vivi! I'm super excited for the new baby! And just think of all those dress up / Halloween themed birthday parties over the years! Its going to be so much fun!

Besos y abrazos... Marco

Viviana said...

Thanks Titi and Marcela we are very excited but at the same time is kind scare start all over again after 10 years. I can wait to hear the beep of the baby heart for me that is the most emotional part before the baby born.
Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Vivi is expecting? Wow, I guess I should call more ofter. Thanks for keeping me informed.



Tia Sara said...

Vivi, remember to ask Marcela for baby stuff; I'm pretty sure there are a few pieces left.

Marco said...

It's true! I've got the baby carrier that pops from stroller to car (with car attachments for 2 cars). Folding bassinet with built in mosquito netting. There's a fancy baby swing that plays music, "in utero heartbeat" noise, maybe even whale mating calls. A bunch of size 2 diapers... We'll talk.

Hope your feeling well... Marco

Viviana said...

Well thanks I'll take any baby left over stuff is welcome because I'll need it we dont have anything. Is literlly star from cero all over again :)

José Francisco said...

We all hope they name him Snowstorm Pazos!!!!

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