Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Science of Philly

Let me start this post about an hour north of Philadelphia in a little town called New Hope where we spent yesterday with our dear friend Tia Andrea. Andrea has a 9 year old son named Michael and that made our visit a veritable bonanza for Radar. Between following Michael around, staring at him with admiration, and raiding his whole supply of cars, tanks, balls and army soldiers, Radar thoroughly enjoyed our visit. As for us mommies, we bought ourselves matching pajamas and had ourselves a good ole' slumber party!

Let me then segue back to my last post where I mentioned that we went to the Philadelphia Zoo. In the text of my post I mentioned that Tia Caro had been with us at the zoo, but I didn't include a picture of Caro. It certainly wasn't because Caro is so wretchedly hideous that I was afraid to scare you... (as you see, even with a giraffe growing out of their heads, Caro and Lali are pretty gorgeous).

It was because I caught Caro chasing Radar...

And trying to eat him!!!

But since Radar doesn't seem to mind it when Tia Caro chases and gobbles him up, I guess I shouldn't worry.

Let me then move onto today when the sun came back out and Radar taught me and Tio Javier how to really enjoy the guts out of Center City Philly!!!

But the highlight was when we capped our day off with a visit to Tia Lali at her office and lab at the University of Pennsylvania. Turns out that Radar really loves the science of Philly!!!

Tomorrow the adventure continues in Frederick, MD! Can't wait!!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and the mad scientist, Radar


Carolina said...

This has to be my favourite post, and here are the reasons why...
1) My picture finally made it into the blog... and not just one but four! wow I really do feel special!!

2) RADAR looks amazing in all his pictures, but that is not really something new

the best thing about this post has got to be...
3) RADAR LOVES SCIENCE!!! what a genius!!

I had a great time with both of you... Can't wait for you to come visit again :)

littleharves said...

philly looks so beautiful and they are great photographs and your friends look wonderful! i'm so glad you and radar are having such a great time, is philly famous for soft cheese? science suits radar very much...look out pundit! xxx anne

Little M and Baby G said...

Scientist Radar is just adorable!
He is such a little boy now! And one who is very lucky to visit such fun place and meet such fun people - even if they do gobble him up :)

Abuela said...

Hmmm. Practicing for "Rocky XIV" I guess

Jenna said...

Radar is just too darn cute!Love the science pics

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Rafa tearing Philly up. Love, Rafa