Sunday, March 21, 2010


Over the past few days we've been busy fighting off yet another bug. I know that kids get sick a lot and that it's not necessarily a bad thing because it's how they build up their immune systems. But come on... Radar was just sick a couple of weeks ago. So on Thursday and Friday nights, when I was up most of the night with a coughing, snotting, screaming, crying toddler, I was less than amused with the way nature works! I craved a short break from Radar!

That break came in the form of a baby shower invitation from the very same pregnant woman that I mugged just a couple of weeks ago... boy, she's forgiving. So yesterday, in the early afternoon, I left a screaming Radar at home with Maria and I headed off to what I hoped was a non-teetotalling baby shower. I was not disappointed!

This is the first baby shower that I'd been to since my own and if my count is right, that would make it my 3rd or 4th baby shower ever. But it won't be my last. I used to think they were silly and I thought the games were dumb... but now I'm cut throat competitive in Baby Shower Bingo and my dedication and concentration paid off with a first place bingo finish yesterday!!!

I used to think it was cruel to make a pregnant woman wear a ridiculous bow hat... but now I can't imagine anything cuter than this little bo peep tradition!

And I used to think that nobody could possibly appreciate my innappropriate baby shower gifts (like strap on man boobs so that daddies can also breast feed!), but I think that Kate really liked the gift I gave her!

So all in all (including the 3+ glasses of red wine that I gulped down), it was a delicious break from the insanity of living 24/7 with a sick toddler. And miraculously, when I got home, Radar had taken a long nap and now seems to be 95% better (he slept 11 hours last night).

Thank you Kate! I really had a great time and you truly are glowing with the beauty of a new mommy to be. Radar and I so look forward to meeting little Erik in just a couple of months!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - As I was snapping some shots of Radar enjoying his 'nature' time this morning, it occurred to me that it is a very good thing that we'll be seeing Tia Lali in just one short week because someone is in dire need of a haircut!!!


Anonymous said...

Baby showers are just amazing, aren't they? Those pics look like they were taken here at BayRoc? Anyway, since Radar is better and I too, and it's Monday tomorrow, I plan to stop by, perhaps take the second fiddle for some entertainment...