Monday, March 29, 2010

Silly in Philly

We're having a blast! We got into Philly on Saturday afternoon and it's been non-stop since touch down. Some highlights...

Not that he needed one...

...but Radar got a cool mohawkish haircut!

We went for walks with Tia Lali!

We went to the Philadelphia Zoo with Tia Lali, Tia Caro and Tio Javier!!!

And even though they don't let you get up and close to the animals like in Nassau, we took pictures with every single fake animal at the zoo.

And Radar went on his first Easter Egg hunt! As you can see, the eggs were really well hidden and that helps explain why it took him 20 minutes to find the 5 eggs required to win a prize!!!

But I'm guessing that you're saying something like,

"yeah, yeah... that's great, but who won the limerick contest?"

So with no further ado...

Thank you to everyone who submitted a limerick.

It was really fun to read them all, even the terrible ones (I won't mention names).

But I had to pick a, or a(s) winner, or winner(s), so I used the same sophisticated criteria that I do to pick World Series or SuperBowl favorites (like fuzziest mascot).

Co-Winner #1
For submitting entries all the way from Tasmania, land of the Tazzy Devil & for calling me "young", Anne is our First Co-Winner!

Co-Winner #2
And for simply using the word 'cerulean', Marco is our other Co-Winner

(not to mention that our two winners also bested everyone with shear volume!!!)

So congratulations to our winners, but thank you also to Dardo, Uncle Stefan, Tia Sara, Lali, Abuela & Morgan... you made our little game very fun!

Anne & Marco, let me know your preferred color of egg!
Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Becky said...

OMG that hair is amazing. Your trip looks like a blast too, but seriously, the hair. I'm going to have to get Isaac some rogaine.

Lali said...

I am loving all the silly in Philly time!!! :)

littleharves said...

love the hair too! and ahem.... thanks for the prize! i would have written an acceptance speech, however this was completely unexpected especially with such great competition! ahem.... i think a yellow one would be lovely thank you so much christina and Radar congratulations marco ! i think this is the first award i've ever won!!!!! xxxx anne

Marco said...

Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk! I won! This is really exciting! I want to thank my darling husband and loving family... Never mind I don't want to jinx it. Any color is fine, until I become obsessed with them and then I'll need them all. And thanks to my loving public and fan, etc, etc...

Marco said...

And the hair is sooooooooooooooo cool

Michelle said...

Very cute hair cut. Seems like you are having a good time!

Abuela said...

Abuela's pouting. She lost. She's that way. Marco I get. (Free digs near DC-duh). But who's Anne?
As I understand,she's a devilishly brave Tasmanian,a lovely Aussie. She and Titi met online,as many mothers do whose child is felled by a devastating genetic disorder. Her little Harvey was a year and a bit on this earth, and her time was fully his time, not just to tend to multiple medical needs, but to his spirit as well. His senses were diminished, but he did get to smell the roses, and have the breezes brush his face,and hear the ocean,and touch the sand. And she surrounded him with a circle of loving others.
That's what I understand-Yeah, she deserves a basket of eggs and the bunny too.

Angela said...

, HI LOOKS diferent, big BOY NOW, like 3 years old..??OMG
love u,, have fun
Angela,, nanny

Tia Sara said...

Can't wait to see you guys for chapter 2 of the trip....Frenetic in Frederick. See....I'm not bitter about losing to my daughter and Anne....