Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring limerick contest

It's been a while since Radar Love has hosted a contest... But we're in a mighty fine mood these days on account of we're heading off for our 10 day Easter vacation tomorrow! So we thought that we'd host a little limerick contest (since we sort of skipped over the whole St. Patty's Day thing) and offer up one of these 2010 White House Easter Eggs (winner's choice of color) to the winner(s).

Just leave your Spring limerick in the comments by this Sunday (March 28th) and Radar will pick a winner to announce on Monday. (Ok, so it'll be me picking the winner, but I will read them all to Radar since I read him all of his comments anyway).

Good luck!!!

Here's ours...

This Spring all my days are quite sunny,

And not 'cause a no Easter Bunny,

It’s simply because,

My heart’s all abuzz,

Since a toddler named Radar’s my hunny!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Floyd Family said...

I havent been on this thing in a while and I was catching up with your blogs and cant believe how big Mr. Radar is. He looks like a little boy now. Soo adorable:)

Dardo said...
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Dardo said...

Here's what I came up with after 10 minutes. I hope we're allowed multiple entries.

There once was a boy known as Radar
Who went to a Passover Seder
With Nolan, Heather and Carly
Marcela, X, Frank and Lali
Oh, and Titi! We can't forget her!

It's official, anyone who rhymes 'Radar' with 'Seder' is a big copycat!

Radar's Mom said...

Dardo - multiple entries definitely allowed and the copyright is officially noted on the Radar/Seder rhyme.

Lali said...

Well I gave my limerick a lot of thought, way more than 10 minutes. I mean looking up what a limerick was took a few minutes alone. :)

With spring the days are less chilly,
At Tia Lali’s apartment in Philly,
It’ll get even sweeter,
When Radar and Teeter
Arrive and we all really get silly!

Tia Lali

littleharves said...

has to be a fall northern hemisphere one ok?

there is a young lass called christina
i've met her but never have seen her
she had a wee lad
when at 40 , how mad!
he's radar, christina's bambina

xx anne

littleharves said...

there once was a lad in the sun
who's mom told him easter was fun
the chocolate was ordered
the church side was ..... sorted
oh yum , mom lets eat hot cross bun s


Marco said...

There once was a boy named Xavier
Who thought the wearing of clothes was square
He’d strip down to nude
Give sassed attitude
By wigglin’ his sweet derriere!

Marco said...

Spring: Everywhere fresh life is aglow
Cerulean skies, dewy greens, a rainbow
Joyous children at play
The weather is gay
Just last month we were buried in snow

(Just in case the mere removal of clothes isn't springy enough)

Marco said...

Rafa (Major Pete) Pazos; the studliest primo
Loving family man, efficiency is his m.o.
Passion inferno, love reignite
During respite of two fortnight
Now Vivi’s got an ankle-biter in the womb-o

Marco said...

Ok, quick change, its so unfair that this contest is being judged by my editor... Radar: I need your help here!

Rafa (Major Pete) Pazos; the studliest primo
Loving family man, efficiency is his m.o.
Two fortnight’s respite
Passion inferno, love reignite
Now Vivi’s got an ankle-biter in the womb-o

littleharves said...

there once was a limerick competition on a blogsite
a wee bit of competition it did seem to incite!
the prizes were gold
easter eggs we were told !!!
yee ha , oh yeah.........alright !!!!

Tia Sara said...

As spring comes and winter out goes,
in Frederick we'll meet, don't ya knows,
for a seder on thursday
and Easter on sunday,
but mostly to play dominoes.....

Abuela said...

Farms bloom with life in the Spring
With seeds that others do bring
Radar, Baloney
Cats,dogs but not Oni
We pimp 'em for farm golden things.

(Oni is Abuela's cat)

Radar's Mom said...

Oh my, the choice will be tough,
What you've written so far is good stuff,
But I'll mull them tonight,
So my choice will be right,
But one winner might not be enough!!!

(and that's not a bluff)

Uncle Stefan said...

In Nassau there is an invader
We all know his short name is Radar
Fanny's alien boy
For cat not even a toy
But Mummy's not sending back Radar!

Little M and Baby G said...

From 1400 miles away
Our two boys love to play
While learning to run and to climb
Their mommies still find the time
To share what these boys did all day

Uncle Stefan said...

O.k here is one late outside of the competition:

Title: Fast forward Easter 2030

In Nassau a short boy named Radar
has become such great gladiator.
Spring break one of those girls
with these cute little curls
yes, Yes, YES, was so glad he ate her!

Rhyme 'Gladiator - glad he ate her' original from AJ Cartwright, Bahamas, so credit to him....