Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another "duh" tip from a "Duh"me!

Do you remember that scene from "Back to the Future" where Michael J Fox is leaving the school after his parents finally hook up on the dance floor in 1955? Loraine and George are arm & arm in the stairwell and Marty tells them that if one day, years down the road, they have a son who spills a can of paint on the rug, to go easy on him! Loraine and George must think he's a bit nuts to bring up such an unlikely scenario, but Marty knows better because he's seen the future and he knows that such an unlikely scenario WILL happen!

Well, it's not quite like that, but I'd like to pass along a tip for a scenario that you might find just as unlikely. Here goes...

If one day you have a friend who brings over a sushi dinner and you sit and chat and have a glass of wine (or just water because you're fighting off some sort of bug) and eat most of the sushi, but not all, and then it's time for your friend to go and so you decide to walk him out to the car and you've got a 16 month old toddler in your arms and the dog asks to go out too, but you think to yourself that that isn't a good idea because the dog isn't on a leash and it's dark and you don't want the dog to get run over... well, if that scenario ever happens to you, I recommend that you either take the 15 seconds to put a leash on the dog and take her out...

...or maybe put the leftover sushi away or in the kitchen...

...or at the very least, push in the dining room chairs before you step outside!!!

I know... unlikely scenario, but it COULD happen!

This helpful "duh" tip is brought to you by the Association of Dumb Dog Owners who Never Learn!

Lots of love,
Titi & her sushi loving pug

PS - I actually think that the warning that Marty gave his parents was about setting something on fire... the spilled can of paint on the rug was me (yep... a whole can). I wonder if my mom remembers that one.

PSS - The pug woke me up at 1am, puking in the bed. I guess Anne was right that she saved me from leftover sushi poisoning... thank you pug!!


Michelle said...

Ha, ha. I think our dogs would get along. Well.. more specifically, I think one of my dogs would be a great accomplice to your pooch. My other dog is a grumpy old man and would have no part in such foolishness.

littleharves said...

well they always say you should never eat left over sushi, the pug did you a favour really. stopped you from getting left over sushi poisoning !! good pug xxx