Thursday, April 22, 2010

Going it alone

It's been a long time since my wait at the airport has looked like this.

One carry-on bag.

No checked luggage.

Unattended cup of hot coffee.

No child backpack.

One passport.

One boarding pass.

That's right... I headed off this morning, crying like an idiot.

I left Radar behind and for the first time in 25 months (9 of pregnancy and 16 on the outside),
I'm spending the night without my monkey.

I had a long layover in Miami, so Grammy came to pick me up and we headed to Lincoln road for lunch.

We even got to see Tio Dardo who didn't know we'd be dropping by...

...he did a double take and asked, "where the hell is Radar?" It seems that seeing me is "whatever," but he'd really rather see Radar.

So would I!

By the time I got to this empty room and this empty bed at my hotel in Grand Cayman, I tried calling Radar to wish him a good night over video conference.

But he was already asleep.

I'm glad to know he's not losing sleep over this separation.

But it's midnight for me.

And I'm not asleep.

I'm just sad.

Lots of love,
Titi... that's right... only Titi


Becky said...

Awww, I'm so sad for you! Hopefully your trip will be busy and the time will fly! Travel safe!

littleharves said...

awww big hugs titi sleep tight xxx

Angela said...

AWWW,Sometimes is good the separation, for both, litle break, is not to bad.....
next 2 weeks, you traveling together.
sleep well,
hugs, Angela

Victoria Miller said...

At least I get to see another pic of my FAVE Eduardo . . . while you deal with separation anxiety, sweet Momma! Yes it's all about ME!!