Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I don't believe in jinxes (gosh, I hope you didn't say that out loud together)!

But it seems that my esteemed cousin Rafa is a believer.

See, I recently put up a Homer Simpson countdown clock to tick off the time until my other esteemed cousin Antonio was out of Iraq and back on US soil.

It was supposed to be a done deal. May 1st was it.

Until I put up the counter.

Now it's April 28th and Antonio is still in Eerack!!!

His US-bound flight from Kuwait just took off and he's not on it!

He says it's got to do with bureaucracy.

Rafa says it's got to do with the jinx I put up with my countdown clock!

So, who's right?

And anyone want to take a guess at when Antonio's feet will actually be planted back on US soil?

To perhaps further jinx Antonio, I've put a poll up over on the sidebar so that you too can take part in the jinx... or maybe you'll bring him luck and bring him home sooner!!!

Let's see!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Becky said...

I voted May 5, but I hope he comes home much sooner. Atleast on Cinco de Mayo there would be a party in his honor!

Thanks for your service and we hope you get home soon!

Anonymous said...

I am a believer, Amen. Poor Antonio, he never had a fighting chance.



Tia Sara said...

What happened is that you took out the countdowns that you originally had. You can't just put them up and take them down at will, they are supposed to be constant! The exploding stars got mad when you got rid of them.... and now poor Antonio is suffering the consequences...

Radar's Mom said...

Tia... at least your explanation is scientific... I think.. I mean exploding stars sound pretty scientific to me! Now, before I put up a new counter for Rafa, I'm going to see if I can milk some bribes out of him to keep it off the blog!

Anonymous said...

Although it appears like a threat I will not take any chances, I am willing to pay any of the following:
1) Babysit Radar for 7 min 16 sec (longest I've looked after any kid)
2) Supervise a dipper change
3) Feed Radar a meal, a Snickers bar or a pack of M&M – his pick
4) Pay a ransom of up to $2.73

I am sure we can work something out


Radar's Mom said...


No offense, but:

1) I've seen you babysit (think screaming Vivi in a tube at that chicken place in Peru), so I'll pass... 7 minutes is plenty of time for you to get into trouble with the likes of Radar,

2) I'm not sure what a 'dipper' change is, but it sounds fishy and so I'll pass on that too,

3) I have no problem with you feeding Radar a meal of M&Ms, but he might choke on a Snickers and since you're leaving the choice to him, that's just too risky in my book,

4) I know from my sources that you have no way of getting your hands on that kind of money, so knowing you, you'd steal from some charitable organization (think stealing cookies from the little old ladies trying to find a cure for MS)!

So I'm afraid your bribes all fall short and I will be picking some arbitrary date and posting a counter with your name on it very, very shortly!!!

Unless you find a way to sweeten the deal!