Sunday, April 18, 2010

My dog keeps getting fatter!

Fantango only eats one small meal a day.

And yet she keeps getting fatter.

On the weekends, I don't give her any meals.

And yet she keeps getting fatter!!!

Is it a "gland" problem?

Or perhaps just a "little man" problem?

Like when Radar gets all cute and asks Mommy for an animal cracker...

...and Mommy seems to always say yes...

...and then, invariably, this happens...

So we steer away from crackers, to good fruit...

... which Radar "accidentally" drops...
(see the "real" surprised look when he "accidentally" drops it?)

...and a certain someone is always around to "clean up"!

I won't even mention what a typical meal in the high chair looks like these days. On a very good day the distribution is about 33%/33%/33% (Radar, all over Radar and Floor). Considering that Fanny gets both what lands on the floor and then cleans Radar up afterwards, she's getting about 2/3's of all of his meals.

So what's one to do? This morning with the animal crackers, after Radar gave the first one to Fanny, I told him "NO!" and I held back more crackers. He pitched an unholy fit, so I thought maybe that meant that HE wanted a cracker. So I gave him another and he immediately turned and gave it to the dog. How am I supposed to win when they're teaming up against me?

Oh well...

Lots of love,
Titi, Radar and an ever-fatter pug

PS - I'll post the answer to the travel question before I hit the sack tonight!!!


Little M and Baby G said...

The look on his face as the banana falls to the floor is priceless!