Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Travel bug

I kind of wish I'd kept track of how many trips Radar has taken in his first 16 months, but I haven't. He's averaged more than one trip every other month though, so 10 is probably a very conservative guess... I think it's been more than that though.

If I had been an even bigger stickler for detail, I might have even kept track of how many airplane legs he's flown. But I'm not and I have haven't. Since a number of his trips (at least 10) have been multi-city or have had connecting flights, I'd say that it would be safe to estimate that on average we're looking at at least 3 legs per trip... but I think it's been more than that.

So very, very conservatively speaking, Radar has flown at least 30 legs. Not bad for a kid who's turning all of 16 months tomorrow. And even though I haven't formally kept track, it's a little easier to remember where he's been so far...

Bahamas (obviously)
Washington, DC
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
West Virginia

Looking at that list, the 30 flights seems a little less impressive.

He's pretty much just flown back and forth from the Bahamas and has gone up and down the east coast of the US (with a bit of a jaunt westward to West Virginia).

That's kind of dull...

...for a kid who gets bored so easily!

So I guess it's about time to shake things up a bit and make this list a bit more exciting!!!

Anybody want to take a stab at where we're off to next that's turned a big old yawn into an outright snicker?

(No cheating for those of you who already know!)

Lots of love,
Titi and the traveling monkey


Little M and Baby G said...

Wow! Radar has traveled more in his less than 2 years than I did in my first 25!

As to where you are off to next. Can I have 2 guesses?
1) Seattle (my State-side guess)
2) Barcelona (my international guess)
Where ever you go, I'm sure you will have fun!

Jenna said...

Im guessing.....Seattle??And if I am correct I would lvoe to meet up with you both

Anonymous said...



Tia Sara said...


Marco said...

My guess is that mom had to spell check Liechtenstein. China?

Viviana said...

I will say Madrid