Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't be jealous Mommy...

(Radar, as I write this post)

I know that potty training isn't going to be easy. Radar's ever developing obstinate personality makes me really dread the whole journey... Some months ago I bought a potty and put it in the bathroom where Radar used it as a step to get into the tub. I knew it was too early to start and I was afraid to start because I've read that you have to be consistent once you start - I don't do consistent very well!

But then a couple of days ago I was reading some of my favorite mommy blogs and I read that Greyson had pooped in his potty! I've never met Greyson or his mom or dad in person, but I love this kid. He was born just a couple of weeks before Radar at only 29 weeks gestation and spent his first 52 days in the NICU... but that hasn't really phased him! He is a healthy, thriving and dashingly handsome fellow with gigantic blue eyes... and now he's pooped in the potty before he's even 18 months old!

Ok, where was I? Oh, right... Radar uses his potty as a stepping stool and I have been resisting even broaching the whole potty subject with Radar because I'm afraid of how hard it's going to be, but then Greyson crapped in his hopper and I got jealous!!! So this evening I decided that we would gently start on this road... I would try not to compare Radar to 'good' babies like Greyson... we would simply stare into the pot and see where it took us...

At about 7:30pm, we headed upstairs for the night and when we went into the bathroom, we lifted his potty lid and I started repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom. We talked through removing our shoes and taking down our pants. We screeched with excitement as we took off our diaper and I placed Radar on his little john. I sat across from his on my hopper. We faced each other and I kept repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom. I held my breath and made a pushing face... Radar looked at me... right in the face... I never stopped repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom...


Thank you Greyson for inspiring us to give the potty thing a shot! I'm under no illusions that Radar is actually potty trained now... I AM hoping that the ten minutes of singing and dancing and pointing at poop and clapping will remind him that pooping in the potty is a good thing!

We'll see... but for tonight I'm just staring at my sleeping angel and feeling awfully darn proud!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - 6:38am... WAY too good to be true. We just woke up and Radar and I were talking. He said Banno or Bavvo (either bathroom or bravo), so on the off chance he was saying bathroom we went in, took off his diaper and sat him down on his potty. I sat facing him and started chanting pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo... you get the point. But more importantly... SO DID RADAR (or so I'd like to believe)! When he stood up, the little potty cup had pee in it!!!

Oh, and sorry for not snapping a shot of the poop (or pee) in the pot... Radar's pretty excited about getting his hands in there after doing his business, so I really didn't want to leave the pot unsupervised while going to get the camera.

Monday, May 24, 2010

He sure ain't yeller!

You can't always...






Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Friday, May 21, 2010

My favorite time is now... and now... and now...

While we were away on this last vacation, Tia Lali asked me what my favorite "stage" in Radar's life was so far. The only thing that came to mind right off the bat was... "now!"

But I remember when Radar was a cooing brand new baby and I loved that stage. I loved his smell and how tiny he was and I loved burping him and breast feeding him. I loved bathing him using the hammock for his little tub and I loved how his eyes were a little crossed and how they'd straighten out as he focused on my face. And I absolutely loved being a full-time mom for those first three months of maternity leave. Sure, there were a few things I didn't actually love (colic & sleepless nights), but they were few and now long forgotten. Oh how I loved those first few months - but the truth is I wouldn't want them back if it meant trading in my Radar of today because I love this stage even more.

And I certainly remember those first giant milestones... the first smiles and laughs, the first time he rolled from back to front, then sat up, crawled and stood! I was so proud of my happy little boy with each new accomplishment. By last August, when he was a mere 8 months old, he was already climbing up the stairs. Had Tia Lali asked me then, I could have easily answered that THAT was my favorite stage. But I wouldn't trade it in for my Radar of today because I love this stage even more.

By one year, the milestones started pouring in faster than I could keep track... his teeth kept popping through his gums (with no issues), his first steps and his first word or two (sort of, I think), pointing at things I named (nose, Fanny). But best of all, by one year I could really start to see Radar's individual personality emerging. Determined. Studious. A bit stubborn. A jokester. I was so, so loving this stage! Then at 13 months he really started walking and his independence sky-rocketed. How could I possibly love any stage more than that stage?

Well, I do! My 17 month old Radar rocks my world! He tells jokes and actually cracks up at his own jokes... I don't understand the jokes yet, but I know they're funny and I crack up too. He is learning new words every week. His repertoire includes (but is not limited to):

Bye Bye = Bye Bye
Gua Gua = Agua
Anny = Fanny
Gado = Gato
Caro = Carro
Nana = Ventana
Nana = Manzana
Mia = Maria
Ano = Mano
and most importantly... Mami = Mommy

It is awesome - every little bit of him today is awesome! He's a show-off. He dances (like a white boy with no rhythm... but he loves it). He drives all the little cars in the house and at the park and recently learned that you have to stab the dashboard with mommy's keys to drive the car. And keys aren't just for driving... you also use them to open the door. See here...

"Oh - hey there! Want to see how to open a door?"

"Well, first you have to find the right key,"

"Darn! Which key is it?"

"Bingo! Ok, then you stick the key in the door & twist it,"

"and finally you open it with the handle!"

He also loves the keyboard and mouse, one of his favorite moves being to slide the mouse back and forth on top of the keyboard. He loves taking things out of their place (toy box, book shelf), but then he puts them away (only a few items and in different places that sometimes don't turn up for a while). He loves being outside, he's a good traveler and is addicted to his pacifier (with no end in sight). And he so loves his mommy and shows it every day!

So to answer Lali's question - THIS is definitely my favorite stage so far in Radar's life.

But as much as I love this stage, I just know that I'm going to love each of the next stages even more as Radar's personality continues to grow and our communication continues to improve and he keeps becoming the person he is and will be. There must be some stage though (individual dependent) when a parent finally says, "no, I want my baby back... or toddler... or five year old..." Is it the teenage years? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, and I might mention...

Before getting back to life in Nassau

I might just mention that while up north

We happened upon a certain homecoming party

For a certain someone

Not him

Or them

In fact, the truth is that it was tough to do this post

About Antonio's homecoming

Because when I looked through the pictures

It was mostly of the Elys

And of Radar sleeping with his hand down my shirt

Which is his new thing

And of people gathered around

Radar with his hand down my shirt

And of people following Radar's new trend

He's such a trend setter

Oh, here's one of Antonio

Also following Radar's new trend

And that was pretty much it

No pictures of many of the people who were there

But no matter

It was fun and we were glad to be there

And we're so glad that Tio Antonio is home safely

So that we have our fourth dominos player!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I can't close this post without a picture of Radar sleeping in Bingo's dog bed!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pegged at full

How can you tell when a mommy's and a toddler's exhaustion meters are pegged at full?

For the toddler you can judge it based on what he does when he finally gets home after 12 days and approximately 11,348 miles. He runs from the taxi to the front door of the house shouting "Anny, Anny, Anny!" Then once he's in the house, has properly been reunited with his pug and has gobbled down a quick lunch (50% to him and 50% to the damn dog), he craps out for a nap at about 2:30pm. AND HE DOESN'T WAKE UP UNTIL 6:15am the next morning!!! That's almost 16 hours straight!

As far as mommy's concerned, one clue that her exhaustion meter is at full is that she doesn't blog or answer e-mails for a week. Another is that when she does blog, she doesn't have the energy to do justice to all the adventures that we just came back from, so instead, she posts a word cloud to summarize the adventures:

And then she posts some other random photos without bothering to explain them...

So that's it! We're back now after a really long, really exhausting and really wonderful trip. And it sure is nice to be back home. I know that Radar's happy to be home. It was so cute to see how excited he was to see Fanny. And I guess being in his own bed made sleeping a whole lot easier for the poor worn out monkey. He popped up in bed at 6:15am this morning with a big smile on his face... what a trooper this little guy is proving to be!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spanish time warp

Turns out that it's not so easy to blog while in Spain. For starters, there's no wifi in the rooms so my normal blogging routine (when Radar is sleeping) doesn't work. You might think then that I could turn Radar over to his abuelito and nana, but noooooooooooooooo! Radar has been pathologically clingy on this trip. If I walk 3 feet away (errr... 1 meter here), he starts screaming bloody murder. Blogging with Radar on my lap? Uh... not an option... he wants to push all the keys and if I say no, more bloody murder.
But here I've found a very short respite and I thought I could at least post a few pictures, mostly from Barcelona (which was a truly beautiful, friendly and fascinating place)!

No trip to Europe would be complete without a visit to the very local generic mall that has a bunch of coin operated machines for kids to enjoy universally!!

Train station on the way to Barcelona

Toasting at an outdoor cafe along Passaig Colom

The Mediterranean

Biking along Barceloneta by the Mediterranean Sea

Eating & really enjoying mariscos

Radar's reaction to being held by anyone but mommy!
By Gaudi's Temple de la sagrada familia

Donning Avo's gangsta cap on the fast train back to Madrid

I guess I'll probably blog again when I get back home... IF I get back home. We were supposed to fly back to Philly today, but Mr. Icelandic volcano has other plans and our flight was cancelled. We're booked on the flight for tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

Lots of love (errr... mucho amor here),
Titi and Radar