Friday, May 28, 2010

Don't be jealous Mommy...

(Radar, as I write this post)

I know that potty training isn't going to be easy. Radar's ever developing obstinate personality makes me really dread the whole journey... Some months ago I bought a potty and put it in the bathroom where Radar used it as a step to get into the tub. I knew it was too early to start and I was afraid to start because I've read that you have to be consistent once you start - I don't do consistent very well!

But then a couple of days ago I was reading some of my favorite mommy blogs and I read that Greyson had pooped in his potty! I've never met Greyson or his mom or dad in person, but I love this kid. He was born just a couple of weeks before Radar at only 29 weeks gestation and spent his first 52 days in the NICU... but that hasn't really phased him! He is a healthy, thriving and dashingly handsome fellow with gigantic blue eyes... and now he's pooped in the potty before he's even 18 months old!

Ok, where was I? Oh, right... Radar uses his potty as a stepping stool and I have been resisting even broaching the whole potty subject with Radar because I'm afraid of how hard it's going to be, but then Greyson crapped in his hopper and I got jealous!!! So this evening I decided that we would gently start on this road... I would try not to compare Radar to 'good' babies like Greyson... we would simply stare into the pot and see where it took us...

At about 7:30pm, we headed upstairs for the night and when we went into the bathroom, we lifted his potty lid and I started repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom. We talked through removing our shoes and taking down our pants. We screeched with excitement as we took off our diaper and I placed Radar on his little john. I sat across from his on my hopper. We faced each other and I kept repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom. I held my breath and made a pushing face... Radar looked at me... right in the face... I never stopped repeating that you make poo-poo in the bathroom...


Thank you Greyson for inspiring us to give the potty thing a shot! I'm under no illusions that Radar is actually potty trained now... I AM hoping that the ten minutes of singing and dancing and pointing at poop and clapping will remind him that pooping in the potty is a good thing!

We'll see... but for tonight I'm just staring at my sleeping angel and feeling awfully darn proud!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - 6:38am... WAY too good to be true. We just woke up and Radar and I were talking. He said Banno or Bavvo (either bathroom or bravo), so on the off chance he was saying bathroom we went in, took off his diaper and sat him down on his potty. I sat facing him and started chanting pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo, pee-pee poo-poo... you get the point. But more importantly... SO DID RADAR (or so I'd like to believe)! When he stood up, the little potty cup had pee in it!!!

Oh, and sorry for not snapping a shot of the poop (or pee) in the pot... Radar's pretty excited about getting his hands in there after doing his business, so I really didn't want to leave the pot unsupervised while going to get the camera.


Becky said...

LMAO. I was seriously expecting a picture of a poop. Way to go Radar! You and Isaac totally have the same pajamas tonight too!

Little M and Baby G said...

I'm so glad Greyson inspired some poop! We've got to give the chanting a try because after our first potty triumph he's totally lost interest.

Lali said...

WOW!!!!! OMG!!!! YAH!!!!! Potty training!!! GOOD Job Radar!!! I am so excited... And I agree with Becky, I totally wanted a picture of Radar's poo.

Sending all my love,
Tia Lali

Carolina said...

YAY RADAR you did it!!!!!
congrats and great job, oh and Titi, you shouldn't be worried about potty training, he is soooo smart it was expected he would get it right away :)

Marco said...

I know all the phases are super cool and exciting, but the no more diapers phase will be WAY up there for cool phases. Congrats on the happy poops and pee-pees Radar! We're so proud of you!
Kisses and a smooch to Titi, Radar, the cat and pooch