Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, and I might mention...

Before getting back to life in Nassau

I might just mention that while up north

We happened upon a certain homecoming party

For a certain someone

Not him

Or them

In fact, the truth is that it was tough to do this post

About Antonio's homecoming

Because when I looked through the pictures

It was mostly of the Elys

And of Radar sleeping with his hand down my shirt

Which is his new thing

And of people gathered around

Radar with his hand down my shirt

And of people following Radar's new trend

He's such a trend setter

Oh, here's one of Antonio

Also following Radar's new trend

And that was pretty much it

No pictures of many of the people who were there

But no matter

It was fun and we were glad to be there

And we're so glad that Tio Antonio is home safely

So that we have our fourth dominos player!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I can't close this post without a picture of Radar sleeping in Bingo's dog bed!!!


Tia Sara said...

Sorry I missed it, but Tio Andy and I were in Argentina....Aren't we a globe trotting bunch!

Anonymous said...

Love the sleeping trend little Rafa started. I might have to follow suit once I return. Don't think it will go over very well if I try that trend here.

Take care


Little M and Baby G said...

Grey sleeps the same way! That hand is always down my shirt!
I'm glad Tio Antonio is home!