Friday, June 11, 2010

A new logo

I don't know if anyone who reads this blog is from or lives near the Gulf Coast of the US, but you probably don't have to to feel pretty sick about what's been happening for the past 53 days. I put the ticker over on the sidebar even though it makes me sick to look at it... it makes me feel pretty helpless and pretty determined to take personal steps toward using alternative energies and conserving energy... and to vote for whoever promises to take us down an ambitious road to cleaner energy. Call me what you will, but I feel devastated with every picture I see of a dead, oil-covered bird or turtle.

It's horrible - and it's partly my fault for being a consumer of cheap oil. And it's probably a little bit your fault too. It's the result of a status quo, corporate driven, short sited policy... we've had 30 years to figure out better solutions... we flunk!

But despite what little pieces of blame might fall on each of our shoulders or the greater blame that can be put on lax oversight, I still very much feel that the vast proportion of the blame falls with one particular corporation... anyone care to guess? They've sort of been in the news lately. Then yesterday I saw a mention of a site that was hosting a contest to create a new logo for BP... what fun! Now I don't actually enter any of these contest with any thoughts of winning. I do it because it's a new project and I like new projects.

So, ladies and smurfs... I give you my new BP logo:

Of course mine is pretty amateurish, but check out this link for the leaders so far and the hundreds of others that have been submitted. There are some really good ones and they're all better than the "green" sun logo... what a load of BS that is!

Lots of love,


Channel Dropout said...

Very clever logo!!!