Monday, June 28, 2010


My kid is rockin'!



I wasn't really sure what more to say. Radar got a new rocking chair this weekend and he's pretty excited that he has his own chair. He also got a new haircut, but I decided not to post any up close pictures of his new doo so that Tia Lali wouldn't freak out.

So that's really it for tonight... Radar is rockin' and come Wednesday he'll be rollin' (we're going bowlin'.) If nothing else, it should make for at least a couple of good pictures.

Nitey nite now,
Titi and Radar


Mrs. Mother said...

He's adorable, and every kid needs their own rocking chair. I bet he'll have a ball bowling.

Becky said...

oh now i'm intrigued about the haircut.