Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a drag...

That's right.. what a drag! We live on this small island - just 21 miles by 7 miles. It's like living in a village... you see all the same people all the time and go to the same places all the time. Take today as a perfect example. It's a summer Sunday, so, hum drum, we accepted an invitation to go out on the boat with Joe, Suri & Eduardo. This was Radar's first time on a boat, so I guess that was a little different at least. But then where did we go but to a nearby... you know it... a beach - ho hum. So that's what we did and now we're back home. It's a boring post, I know... but since I feel it's my duty, I feel obliged to post a couple of pictures from our 'whatever' Sunday here in Nassau.

I know, I know... you don't have to say it...

Poor us!

Titi & Radar

PS - Joe & Suri... thanks for an awesome, anything but hum-drum afternoon! Radar & Eduardo make great beach bum buddies!!!! We can't wait to do it again soon!


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Looks like such a drag! :)

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