Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alternative energy

Why no blogging you ask? Well, we made another one of our long weekend trips over to Grammy's in Florida and I've discovered that traveling and blogging don't mix well with a maniac toddler. But we're back now, so it's time to get back down to business. And our upcoming weekend will be a very exciting one... not only is it a long holiday weekend... not only are we staying home... but we are having Tio Rafa, Tia Vivi, Primo Pepe, Prima Vivianita and Primo/Prima Still-in-the-works-due-in-November pop over for a few days! Now that's an occasion worth blogging about!!!

As for today, I just thought I'd share a thought that crossed through my mind on Monday evening to see if any of the Pazos family scientists can help me bring the idea to a profitable fruition. We were set to fly back to Nassau from Ft. Lauderdale at 6pm on Monday, so we arrived at the airport at just after 4pm. The lines were short and quick, so we were settled into our gate well before 4:30. Not too bad... that meant just an hour and a half to kill in the terminal before taking off.

To be clear - when I say "not too bad", what I really mean is 'pretty darn bad.' See, Radar does not stop moving and now that he's a full-blown toddler, almost all efforts to contain said moving result in some pretty dramatic tantrums. So I've found that it's much easier to simply chase him all over the terminal in his happy state as he tries to steal low hanging Doritos from the vendor stations or take off pushing some stranger's roll-aboard suitcase. An hour and a half of this chasing business is exhausting for me - and usually it's enough to tucker him out so that the flight itself is pretty pleasant with Radar snoring in my lap.

Then you have cases like Monday's... when "not too bad" slips into "pretty darn bad" (which really means 'horrible'.) When an hour into your wait, they announce that your plane has been taken out of commission and that your flight will be 2 1/2 hours late in departing. That turns an 1 1/2 hour wait into a 4 hour wait. To boot, all your fellow waiting passengers who had been patient enough and had been giving polite enough smiles as your toddler ran around happy screaming - well, their patience wears very thin and those smiles turn into annoyed, "why don't you control your child" glares. So you try to control your kid and as mentioned above, he pitches a very dramatic fit. Catch 22.

That was Monday late afternoon and evening for us in the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Four solid hours of non-stop motion. And that's when it occurred to me. When we had just an hour or so remaining of our wait, Radar ran up to a guy who was reading a magazine that had a whole bunch of windmills on the page he was reading. Radar stopped in front of him and yelled "IO" (ie, libro). The guy looked down and smiled at Radar, then at me. He said to Radar, "I guess you don't get tired little guy." Looking at the windmills and letting that sink in, it hit me.

"If we could harness the energy of toddlers, we wouldn't need oil anymore!"

"True," the guy replied.

"But it's not clean energy," commented a woman a couple of seats down. "Diapers."

At that point Radar took off and I had to as well. But maybe we shouldn't let this idea simply go to waste. What if we could build toddler gyms all over the country and somehow harness the energy generated within the gym? Ok - I've done my part, now I'll let you geniuses figure out the details of implementation and clean waste disposal!

More to come about adventures with these delicious cheeks in the coming days!!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Kendra said...

I used to be one of those OMG-will-you-control-your-child people...but then I had my own baby! Granted, she's only 8 weeks old right now...but I let her scream if she wants to scream...cause it's so much better than having her get frustrated with me!

All in all, you can't please the world!

Lali said...

So these toddler gyms seem like a great idea. Sure, it borders some of those pesky child labor laws... but whatever. I mean the reasoning of "small nimble fingers work better.." sounds the same as "toddlers have limitless energy..". So what are you thinking? Perhaps giant hamster wheels and toddlers in bouncy suits so they don't get hurt, (getting hurt would slash productivity)?

Anyway, Must have been fun in that waiting area- sorry I missed it, all my love,

Lali said...

Oh! And those cheeks are amazing!!!!

Tia Lali

Victoria Miller said...

And after reading posts like this, I find myself grateful for avoiding toddler-hood. Can't you just fast forward to . . . like . . . 1st grade??

Laura S. said...

Hamster wheels. Big ones.