Sunday, July 18, 2010

A quick tip from Radar

It's always a good idea...

Photobucket test the waters...


...before you decide...


...whether or not...

Photobucket jump in!


You're welcome!


Lots of love,


Little M and Baby G said...

He is just so cute!!

Lali said...

So I think they should replace a portion of the fresco in the Sistine Chapel with that beautiful arm in the first picture! I love that little hand touching the water!!! LOVE IT!

But the perfect little arm doesn't hold a candle to the over pictures with my perfect nephew face!

He seems to drink water a lot... out of a dog bowls, bath faucet and I hear a water cooler! He is so fantastic!

But my favorite is the picture with his sweet smile enjoying his bath! 1000 kisses!

Tia Lali

littleharves said...

he is very clever as obviously has great survival instincts! i love it xxx anne

littleharves said...

and obviously has....oops xxx