Thursday, July 1, 2010

& a rollin'... sort of

As I mentioned in my rockin' post a few days ago, Radar made his debut in the great sport of bowling last night. On a couple of my frames, I took Radar up to the line with the lightest ball they had (7 lbs) and we would push it together. I'm embarrassed to confess that Radar was, on average, much better than his mother! But he complained that he hadn't bowled a strike (his top frame was 9 pins) because I was interfering and that he needed to do this on his own. So I let him...
To begin with Mommy...

Photobucket gotta choose the right ball!


7 lb balls are for sissies...


...which is why I like the 9 lb'er.


Then you carry the ball to center lane.


Watch and learn Mommy!


You place it perfectly in the center and let her rip!


"Dude... this ball isn't working!"


Nevermind... I've got other methods...


...for knocking those darn pins down!!!


Unfortunately I had to stop him there... seems the alley has some silly rules about not letting people, particularly little ones, crawl down the lanes and knock the pins down by hand.

But as you can see, Radar clearly enjoyed his night out and it's equally clear that he's got many more bowling nights in his future! As for me, I bowled an 89 and it doesn't take an expert to tell you that that is pretty lame. I'll just have to face it... in addition to his looks, his smarts, his funnies and his tempers... Radar's also got me beat hands down in bowling too!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - You can catch glimpses of Radar's haircut in some of the pictures... I don't think it's too bad. He absolutely won't tolerate haircuts when he's awake, so this one took place over about 3 days of naps and night-time sleepies.


Little M and Baby G said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute! I love his face while carrying the ball!

Channel Dropout said...

Holy CRAP!!! Your boy is strong. Did he really lift as 9 lb ball!?

Anonymous said...

A good Pazos mom gives her son hack job haircuts when he passes out, that way he'll be prepared to go out drinking with his cousins when he grows up.