Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vamos Agua

Sorry we haven't done much blogging of late, but the weather here is fit for a melting! And sure, we could stay inside all day in the air conditioning and blog, but a certain someone voices loud objections to things like that. This certain someone likes to be on the move all the time. My mom has dubbed him the 'Perpetual Motion Machine,' a title very well earned. So it's no wonder that "vamos" (ie, let's go) is now the most commonly used word in his vocabulary. And although I might like to sit and blog, the PMM will have nothing to do with it and he makes his desires known.

"Vamos carro!" is the most spoken sentence in our house (ie, Let's go car).

But I've noticed in the last few days that vamos carro is being used a little less and another sentence is quickly making its way up the list.

"Vamos agua!"

I wanted to make sure that I was understanding his demand, so I started asking questions.

"Quieres ir al mar?" (do you want to go to the beach/ocean?)

"Vamos agua!"

"Quieres ir a la piscina?" (do you want to go the pool?)

"Vamos agua!"

"Quieres ir al parque?" (do you want to go to the park?)

"Vamos paque!"

"Donde quieres ir?" (where do you want to go?)

"Vamos carro!"

"Quieres ir a la piscina?"

"Vamos agua!"

Now, that seems pretty clear to me that we are having real discourse... a true back and forth conversation where he is understanding me and I him. So why would I risk our budding communication by staying home to blog when "vamos" is way to go!

So, with that said.... it's after 3:30pm on a Saturday... the sun isn't as high in the sky... so....

!!!!!VAMOS AGUA!!!!!


Lots of love,
Titi and the PMM

PS - I might also mention that 'vamos' isn't the only thing Radar is saying these days. On Vivi & Rafa's last night here, at like 10:30pm, I was upstairs in the room with Radar and Pepe. Pepe was reading a book (not a picture book) and Radar rightfully stole it. Then Pepe tried to do a bait and switch by giving Radar a car and snatching his book back.

In response, Radar pointed at Pepe and said...

"IO Pepe!" (IO is libro is book)

We all freaked out because no one had been prompting him to say Pepe's name at all... Radar was just paying attention and to get Pepe's attention, he just decided it was time to use his name! He went on to say it a few more times and for the next two days he looked around upstairs and then looked at me with shrugged shoulders and asked, "Pepe?"

Vivi, Rafa, little Vivi and Pepe - we can't wait to see you guys in September and pick up where we left off... maybe by then we'll even get a "Vivi" out of him!!!!

PSS - Vivi... I'm not sure how you forgot, but you left your flip-flops here!


Anonymous said...

Vamos Bici (a.k.a Twin Century). We had a blast last week. See you all soon.