Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I love poop

Did I really title this post "I love poop?"

Indeed I did.

Most of my few blog readers are either affiliated with the Pazos clan or raising not-yet-potty trained children. In both cases, you should be A-ok with the topic of poop.

For other readers who do not fall into either of the above mentioned categories, I'm still likely to be pretty safe with the poop topic since one constant truth about all of us is that we're all poopers - always have been, always will be.

But accepting poop and loving poop...
well, those two don't necessarily go hand in hand.

Today they do though.

At least for me and Radar.

And that's why this post is about loving poop... at least one poop in particular!


It is about loving the poop that Radar thoughtfully and purposefully made today.


It is about loving the poop that was celebrated with phone calls, video conferences, cheers, songs, dances and several rounds of applause with accompanying 'bravos'!


It is about loving the poop that Radar desperately wanted to reach down and play with.


It is about loving the poop that marks the true beginning of a process that leads from diapers to underwear!


So YES, ladies and gentlemen... you read the title of this post right!



Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


littleharves said...

i must admit that i was a bit frightened to look at this post from the title, and it did take me back to the radar dog smear poop post last year . i am very relieved and happy to hear though that radar is getting to be such a grown up young lad and pooping just where he ought to. have fun buying underpants! xxx

Viviana said...

We are so proud of you Way to go Radar Congrat Titi is look like when I have to start having diappers here and there you are finish with it Great!!!! Big hug to the perfect Angel and for you off course :)

Marco said...

Bravo! Way to go Radar!

Lali said...

I <3 poop!

Tia Lali