Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm a dud

No, not a dude... a dud. See, if I ever thought that I was a creative mother, then I've been put into my place today. Here I am thinking I'm all nifty and creative because I'm actually planning out Radar's Halloween costume two months in advance... I'm not creating it from scratch, but I will be doing some sewing and modifying. Does that make me creative? Not even close. I keep this blog principally for Radar since I'm too lazy to put together photo albums or baby books or scrap-books. But even here I'm falling apart. On a good week I post twice. I try to find inspiration to be creative at least on Radar's blog, but whatever success I thought I might have had doing so has been trounced on today.

Why? Why do I feel like such a boring, run of the mill dud of a mom? Well, mostly because I happened upon another baby blog today. The premise of the blog is a mommy imagining what her baby girl is dreaming... and it is way, way cool... I had so much fun going back through all the pictures and imagining this baby girl looking at her pictures when she's a bigger girl...

So, even though this blog has made me feel dramatically inferior in the area of creativity, I just have to share...

follow this link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> MILA'S DAYDREAMS


the dud

PS - Speaking of creative... I want to thank the commenters on my previous post who have tried to help put some perspective on Rafa's photo. Very creative... but I'm not buying it!


Lali said...

So I looked at Mila's daydreams. You really are a dud. Those pictures are amazing!


Tia Lali

littleharves said...

i think her baby is stuffed, you are not even close to a dud!xxx