Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It must be September & some puzzles

How do I know it's September?

Did I look at a calendar? Not likely... usually it takes me a good week to flip my calendars to the new month.

Did the landlord show up at my front door with arms crossed and a scowl on his face? Nope... but I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later.

Am I hyper-aware that summer is coming to an end because school starts soon? Sadly, those years are in my distant past (and happily in my future as well, via Radar).

Nope! The reason I know that it must be September is that the map at the National Hurricane Center's website looks like this...


Although hurricane season officially starts in June, the Atlantic doesn't tend to start kicking up its conga line of storms until this wonderful month of September. Although it seems we've dodged this first bullet named Earl (he's headed your way Kimberdoo), that doesn't mean that we aren't feeling some effects. In the Bahamas, where they don't even pretend to make excuses for rolling black-outs, imagine what happens when they do have an excuse (such as a 10 mph gust of breeze from a hurricane far offshore). You can put your money on some lights-out time!

Here's a couple shots from this evening's black-out (don't worry - it's the camera angle and mode - Radar's hair is NOT on fire!)


Luckily, it also seems that Fiona isn't in the mood to bother us here, but I'm a little concerned about the guy at the back of line... Gaston. Even the name seems to fit someone who's up to no good at all!


So it must be September and I guess I'll just cross my fingers that we'll keep dodging these ferocious manisfestations of mother nature. I mean really - how can I be expected to deal with an Atlantic storm when I've got my own resident Tropical Storm Radar to deal with on a daily basis!?!



Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here are a couple of puzzles that the Science Pundit sent me this morning... fun application!!!

PSS - In case the Tropical Storm Radar pictures are too freaky for you, here are the originals:



Jenna said...

Im glad you all didnt get hard!!Have fun, we had our power out when Logan was 8 month old for 9 days and it was actually quite enjoyable!(although I hope it doesnt happen again!)

littleharves said...

i heard about some wild weather your way on our news. i thought about you and radar , hope you don't get affected too badly this season. radar seems to find the blackout hilarious xxx

Becky said...

I am just dying at how cute he is. I like the one in the chair/couch with the dog just belly laughing. STAY SAFE!!!!