Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ten eyes

Yes, yes... we're still here. I have not decided to quit blogging just because I've been shown up by some lady who's a bit more creative than I am. And it isn't that I don't blog because nothing happens. I've always known that these early years for us humans are phenomenal with respect to how much and how we learn to do everything that we take for granted as big people. Walking, talking, colors, objects, eating, socializing... everything. But this is really the first time I've gotten to witness this age first hand, day in and day out. It is awesome to witness, but it isn't always very easy to capture in photos or words. So much of the learning is so subtle. And some is kind of explosive (that would be the testing mommy and socializing areas in particular).

Lately Radar has been learning to organize things. He lines things up just so, then steps back to study what he's done, then tweaks the arrangement so that it is exactly as he wants it. If I disturb the order after he has meticulously arranged it, he is not pleased! In particular, Radar has taken to organizing his cars in a row... parked side by side. He does this in the bed... in the room upstairs... in the living room.. along the rim of the bathtub... pretty much anywhere. Sometimes the airplanes, trains, tractors and motorcycles are invited to park in his arrangement. It's different every time and carefully considered every time. Sometimes it seems to be organized by size... sometimes he just uses the blue cars... sometimes I don't understand the pattern. As I watch him with a strange mixture of pride and pleasure, I mostly wonder what he's learning and how many kids learn whatever it is he's learning in this particular way. No one ever showed him to do this... this is his project. And it isn't that easy to blog about because I understand that 99.9% people on the planet don't really find parking toy cars all that entertaining...

... but I do. So there... I've blogged about it. And if I've bored you a bit, I guess the least I can do is post one picture. Perhaps a picture from this morning at breakfast when Radar refused to eat anything until I let him arrange his cars just so... and when he was done, although it was a bit crowded, Radar did eat most of his breakfast. As I watched him eating, I just could resist snapping a picture of the ten eyes watching me watch them!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Ten eyes

NAna said...

Rafita,, you know that,??
Nana love your proyect,,, keep going this way..
every thing on place, jjaajajja